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Oh No They Didn't!

Celebrity Gossip With Commentary

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The celebs are disposable, comments are priceless
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(ONTD rules updated as of 7/25/2017)


- Going all-out on celebrities is why we exist. Personal attacks against other members are why the ban_set command exists. If you can't tell the difference, don't comment.

- Taking it to other people's journals, Myspaces, other communities, houses or bodily orifices is double-unsweet. Internet drama is best kept elsewhere.

- "First!" or "Who cares?" comments are for other entertainment blogs. They don't belong here.

- "Who?" comments should be directed to a place called Wikipedia.

- "Posted" comments are so last year. Saying something has been posted after someone else already has is old meme.

- Racism and other forms of discrimination are totally passé, so don't pull an Isaiah Washington because we will send you to ban-hab.

- Use your head when using your icons. Free speech is great and all, but the majority of users don't want to see saggy balls while reading about Tom Cruise's latest antics.

- Please don't make off-topic comments. This is why you have a livejournal in the first place. Go make your comment there, mmkay? Thanks.

- Sometimes membership is moderated. "Why was I rejected?" inquiries go here.

- I'd issue a blanket "don't be a jerk," but that would ruin my fun too.

- "Someone is infringing on my copyright!!" Click here.


- NO posting from the following web sites: AfterEllen.com, AfterElton.com, AVclub.com, Billboard.com, BlindGossip.com, Bossip.com, Celebitchy.com, Celebrity Babies, Celebrity Baby Blog, CelebrityDirtyLaundry.com, Celebutopia.com, Chicago Tribune, Collider.com, ContentMode.com, DailyDot.com, Dailymail.co.uk, dailyrecord.co.uk, Deadline.com, EntertainmentWise.com, EW.com, Flavorwire.com, Gawker.com, Gigwise.com, Guardian.co.uk, HitFix.com, HuffingtonPost.com, Independent.co.uk, IndieWire.com, IndyPosted.com, LogoOnline.com, Mashable.com, MavrixOnline.com, Mediaite.com, Metro.co.uk, Mic.com, Mirror.co.uk, MotherJones.com, NME.com, NothingMajor.com, NYMag.com, People.com, PitchFork.com, PitchFork.TV, Polygon.com, Popculturediedin2009.com, Popdash.com, Popdust.com, PopStar.com, Pressparty.com, Racked.com, Salon.com, ScreenRant.com, ScreenStar.com, SI.com, Slate.com, SpoilerTV.com, Standard.co.uk, Taletela.com, Telegraph.co.uk, TheBackLot.com, TheDissolve.com, Thelma.com, TheMarySue.com, theSTASHED.com, TheSun.co.uk, TheSundayTimes.co.uk, TheTimes.co.uk, TheVerge.com TheYoungFolks.com, Time.com, TMZ.com, TVline.com, TVStar.com, Unrealitytv.co.uk, Vice.com, Vox.com, Vulture.com, WashingtonPost.com and X17

- Check to see if what you've got has already been posted. Hint: it probably has - we get hundreds of posts a day. We try to reject already-posted stuff, but it's your job to check. Check for previous posts here (tags), here (LJ search) or here (Google) or use the search function below.


- Titles must be accurate.. Your title/subject should always give a clear, accurate idea of what your post is about, including proper names.

- Tag your posts. Include tags to make it easier for members to see what has been posted or just to catch-up on posts of their favorite celebs. Available tags can be found here.

- If something that has been posted got through, make it easier on us and yourself and just delete the post. There is no need for it to stay up.

- If it's long, boring, naked or huge (i.e. pictures larger than 585x585), put it under a cut. Here's an example:

- Keep it recent. We don't need a post in 2010 about Britney Spears shaving her head. However, if she does it again, by all means, post it.

- Guess Who? If you really have your heart set on making a 'Guess Who?' post, make the reveal worth our while. Oh, and say who it is because that is kind of the whole point.

- You must provide a source. Include a FULL and DIRECT URL (i.e. "permalink") to your source. For example, http://www.blah.com/blah-blah.html is a correct source. Simply typing the name of the site you got your story from and adding a [dot]com is not a correct source. Any post that doesn't have a direct source risks rejection. Here's an example of how to include the URL in your entry:

- Don't hotlink. We'll reject your post if you do. Upload to a place like Tinypic.com. And we'll delete your post if the pictures don't work. No one likes seeing that goddamned yellow frog instead of Scarlett Johansson's titties. Here is the HTML code if you want to include pictures:

- POLITICAL POSTS belong at ontd_political.

- Celebrity React posts must have context (what they're reacting to) and 5-7 reactions from ACTUAL, bonafide entertainment celebrities - not politicians, not journalists, not brands, not parody accounts, etc. One reaction or tweet typically does not justify an entire post.

- TV spoilers and discussion posts belong at ontd_discussion except on special occasions, moments of lapsed mod judgment and the second Gruesday of every third Rocktober.

- TV, book, and movie spoilers must be maintained behind a lj-cut to give members an opportunity to read / watch the shows / books / movies. (E.G. movies - opening weekend is reasonable). Members should be able to come to ONTD and catch up on their Miley Cyrus news without having to be spoiled that the Titanic sinks. If you post spoilers within comments, remember to use the following code so members have to click to read the spoilers:

- Don't be lazy - Don't be lazy with your posts. Always include a summary of what you're submitting to the community, whether it's a video or a linked story.

- If you are posting a video from YouTube, Google Video, etc. make sure it's not from 5 years ago and somewhat interesting. We like to stay on top of things, so posting lame videos of interviews from the last millennium is not cool. Adding a summary of what the video is helps, too. Oh, and autoplay sucks.

- Unnecessary things include:

* "Mods, please delete if it's already been posted."  Believe us, we will.

* Introduction posts. Your unique personality will shine through in your comments. And we really don't care.

*Spam, also known as posting stupid, unrelated shit over and over will get you banned. The occasional kitty macro and funny, related picture is acceptable, but don't bombard us with it.

*Promotions, nobody gives a shit. Using ONTD to gain exposure is cheap and dirty.

- If you can't take the heat, don't post or comment - deleting or disabling / freezing comments is for wusses and cowards, kay?

- Troll accounts get banned. So do accounts you've created because you're butt-hurt over being banned. Ignorantia juris non excusat, yo.

- No more mp3 posts or links to downloads. Sorry.


- "So-and-so called me fat!" Well, first of all, are you? Kidding. Just email us a link to the thread that shows the person you'd like to tattle on. Here's a suggestion though, don't fuel the fire! If we check it out and see that you were being a jerk too, we'll either ignore it or ban you both, just to be fair.

- "I am offended by so-and-so's icon". When making a post, you must have a safe-for-work, appropriate icon selected. We have readers at school, work, guest computers, etc. Although we ask you not to use any overtly offensive/grotesque/obscene icons in comments, anything under a cut or in the comments should be assumed as not safe for work. LiveJournal does not clearly define what is appropriate and inappropriate in regards to icons. If you have a concern over someone's icon, you may contact LJ Abuse.

- Any questions, concerns, hate mail, love mail, "why am I banned?" discussions, monetary donations, or legal threats should be sent to weeatcelebs@gmail.com. Mostly donations, though.

- Taking a conflict anywhere else - other communities, private journals, screen names, phone numbers, places of worship - earns you little else than a half-assed eyeroll and a quick ban. And when we say ban, we mean we'll kick your ass out of the community and make it so you can never join ever again...ever.

- YOU SHOULD READ ALL THESE RULES BEFORE JOINING THIS COMMUNITY!!!! (or any community for that matter.) Don't come crying to us if you were banned for violating a rule stated in the user info. The "I didn't know it was in the user info therefore I shouldn't be banned" complaint doesn't cut it. It's not our fault you were lazy. :) And if these rules are too difficult for you to follow or you can't follow what the mods say (whether stated above or elsewhere), click here.


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