Colleen Hoover's "It Ends With Us" being adapted by "Jane the Virgin" star

- Justin Baldoni plays Rafael in "Jane the Virgin". He also directed "Five Feet Apart" (one of those dying-teens-fall-in-love stories that apparently made a ton of cash). He will adapt Colleen Hoover's book through his production company Wayfarer Entertainment. Still no word on whether he will direct and/or star in the film.

- "It Ends With Us" is marketed as a "romance" novel (it made Buzzfeed's "18 Feel-Good Books That Will Make You Believe In Love" list) but it is actually about an abusive relationship (don't yell at OP for spoilers, it's right there in the source) between Lily, a small-town girl living in Boston, and Ryle Kincaid, a hot but violent neurosurgeon.

- It has very harmful messages about DV, especially as it relates to children of abusive relationships. TL;DR w/ spoilers:[Spoiler (click to open)]When her daughter is born, Lily leaves Ryle, but she encourages Ryle to be a part of their child's life. She believes that his abusive behaviour is exclusively aimed towards her and he will never be "intentionally" abusive towards the child and will in fact be a great father. This is presented as Lily "taking the high road" by not straining the father-daughter relationship with her own problems.Actual quote from the book:[Spoiler (click to open)]Despite what has happened between us in the past, he’s still this baby’s father. He has the legal right to be a father, no matter how I feel about it. And I want him to be a father. I want him to be a good father. But deep down, I’m still holding on to one of my biggest fears, and I know I need to talk to him about it. [...] "I know, Ryle. You would never intentionally hurt your own child. I don’t even believe it was intentional when you hurt me, but you did. And trust me, I want to believe that you would never do something like that. My father was only abusive toward my mother. There are many men—women even—who abuse their significant others without ever losing their temper with anyone else. I want to believe your words with all my heart, but you have to understand where my hesitation comes in. I’ll never deny you a relationship with your child."

- In the "Note from the author",[Spoiler (click to open)]Hoover speaks positively about how her mother never discussed the abuse she suffered with her children. "To discuss it would have meant she was talking ill of my father and that’s something she never once did. She wanted the relationship I had with him to be free of any strain that stood between the two of them. Because of this, I have the utmost respect for parents who don’t involve their children in the dissolution of their relationships."

- Here are some facts about DV:[Spoiler (click to open)]A wide array of studies reveal a significant overlap between DV and child abuse, with most finding that both forms of abuse occur in 30-60% of violent families. Other studies have shown intimate partner violence to be a strong predictor of child abuse, increasing the risk from 5% after one act of IPV to 100% after 50 acts of IPV. Children are not in less danger from a batterer/parent once the parents separate. Many batterer's motivation to intimidate and control their victims through the children increases after separation, due to the loss of other methods of exerting control. A child may be directly targeted by the perpetrator and suffer physical abuse, sexual abuse and/or serious neglect. Men who abuse their partners are also likely to assault their children. At least half of all abusive partners also batter their children (Pagelow 1989).

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when OP said she wanted more romance adaptations she didn't mean this trash

Chris Pratt under fire for wearing controversial T-shirt

Chris Pratt was snapped wearing a top that shows the Gadsden flag.
This flag has been adopted by far-right political groups and Second Amendment supporters.
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission advises that it’s “sometimes interpreted to convey racially tinged messages in some contexts,” 


Katy Perry Explains how Feud with Taylor Swift Ended

Katy Perry was recently asked by Kyle and Jackie O about how she "healed the wound" and became friends with Taylor Swift again. Katy gave a long answer, transcribed here:

"It kinda was a process, I sent her a literal olive branch and a note apologizing for my part in all of it, when she started her reputation tour and I just thought she was about to embark on something new and big and needed the support. I realized how much we have in common and maybe there's only 5 other people in the world that can have the same type of conversations and that we should celebrate our commonality and our friendship and be able to be there for each other."

"I started seeing her around at like the Oscar parties when she was accompanying her BF and I just went up to her and I was like 'hey, you know it's been a long time and I think we've grown up a little bit and I just wanted to say I'm sorry and that I'm really here for you and I love you, I hope that we can be friends.' We started talking a lil bit and trusting each other and she got my number and we started texting. She invited me over to her house and she made me some cookies. She actually makes those cookies and they are actually so delicious. I think both her and I have influenced young people and especially young girls who are in this type of situation day in day and out going through this similar type of thing."

Basically, Katy confirmed that she was the bigger person (even though she didn't start the public feud) and the photo of that "peace at last" cookie plate was taken in Taylor's apartment when they were hanging out, negotiating her involvement in the You Need To Calm Down video.


ONTD, Do you end feuds you didn't start because the aggressor is too immature to admit fault?

'are you the one?' s08e05: 'there was a fivesome?' promo

i mean the title says it all. nothing leads to true love like group sex.
it definitely included kai and remy, and if kai's involved then so was jenna and maybe kylie and kari. if not, then probably aasha, max and justin


ontd, who do you think was in the fivesome?
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Janet Jackson Performing in Saudi Arabia

Anything for a quick check. Janet Jackson will be performing in Saudi Arabia. Disregarding the oppression women and LGBTQ community suffers under that oppressive regime. At least Nicki Minaj had the decency of cancelling after being educated about it.

Disappointed in janet.


Stephen Colbert Sings "This Year" with The Mountain Goats

A decade ago, Stephen Colbert had The Mountain Goats -- one of the few musical guests to be featured on The Colbert Report -- and he broke character and performed this song with him. That performance was not filmed. 10 years later, The Mountain Goats and Stephen reprised this performance on The Late Show. In the past, he has talked about how much John Darnielle's music means to him.

Performance under cutCollapse )

I'm seeing them for the third time with a friend of mine next week and asiuwehraeioruyrhotrwehytwiti8r