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Jessica Chastain and Antoni Porowski on watch what Happens

Jessica Chastain is promoting her Tammy Faye movie and Antoni Porowski is promoting his new cookbook. They visited watch what happens and played a game where they had to answer couple’s questions such as should you go to bed angry, if one person gets upgraded to first class can they leave their partner in coach, and are there situations where it’s okay to lie to your partner.

They also answer some fan questions, like if any of the Fab 5 got big heads from the overnight fame and if any of Jessica’s friends roasted her for the viral arm moment.

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Y: The Last Man debuts first three episodes on Hulu

[Spoiler (click to open)]

- Based on the 2002 comic series, all animals with a Y chromosome die en masse, very suddenly. The surviving women/ trans men/non-binary people have to contend with a world where half the population is suddenly gone. Yorick, a young man in his 20s, and his pet monkey, Ampersand, appear to be the only animals with a Y chromosome to survive.

- The FX series has updated the comic’s sex and gender politics for 2021, so it includes trans men from the jump and in later episodes will delve into biological sex and the Y chromosome.

- Includes several prominent new characters, like Nora Brady, an advisor to the former president, and Amber Tamblyn’s Kimberly Campbell Cunningham (who is modeled off of Meghan McCain and Ivanka Trump).

- Appropriately, the titular “last man” is incredibly self-involved and annoying.

- Agent 355 is a standout in the comics and looks to be the highlight of this series as well.

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Kelly Clarkson announces new single “Christmas Isn’t Cancelled (Just You)”

Kelly Clarkson announced the release date of her upcoming Christmas single “Christmas Isn’t Canceled (Just You)” as
Sept 23rd. She is rumored to be releasing a full Christmas album. I’m waiting for the official announcement on that though because it’s not unusual for her to drop a random Christmas single every now and then, but she still only has one full Christmas album.

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'Brooklyn 99' takes aim for the 'Perfect Goodbye' in series finale

The hour-long series finale of critically-acclaimed and fan fave comedy 'Brooklyn 99' aired tonight - or weirdly at 7pm EST because it was per-empted by fucking Thursday night football whatever.

Spoilers under cut with some key things that happened...

[NINE-NINE!]-- the entire finale's plot was around one final group heist game, but Holt and Amy, who announced they were promoted and leaving the 99 earlier this season, were using the heist as a ruse to surprise the lot with their big goodbye.
-- then Jake drops the bomb that he too is leaving the 99 and quitting the NYPD (for his son and family's future), so the heist was part of his ploy to say goodbye too
-- surprise guests include GINA LINETTI (yes Chelsea came back) in top trolling form, Pimento, Amy's annoying ex Ted, Fred Armisen, Tim Meadows as the weird cannibal, Andy Samberg's real life wife Joanna Newsom trashing Jake, and others
-- the person who won the heist was... Hitchcock, who was only ever shown via video chat this entire season. He pops back to the precinct one last time to win and fuck with everyone
-- Terry applies and is promoted to Captain of the 99
-- ends with beautiful moments between friends, including Amy and Rosa, and especially Jake and Holt
-- there's a fun epilogue, a year later, where the old 99 team bursts into one of Captain Terry's meetings to announce another heist is happening. The final words are, of course, a unanimous cheer of 'NINE-NINE!'

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Twitter calls out Simu Liu for Men's Rights Asians past

Slate's Aaron Mak wrote an article on the anti-black, incel MRAsian subculture on reddit:

Which led actor Edward Hong to chime in with something I think a lot of ONTDers already suspected:

Hong locked his account shortly after posting a series of tweets calling out Simu Liu. Unfortunately didn't a screenshot before he went private, but I did get the above before it was deleted. The "Fuck it. The person in question is Simu Liu," was right after a tweet noting how the article "understandably" left out one of the biggest celebrity ringleaders of the mrazn redditors. ETA: He's unlocked his account now. Per github tho, Simu only posted in the big mrazn sub (r/aznidentity) a handful of times, so calling him a ringleader is a huge exaggeration. Doesn't take away from all the API women who have called him/his crowd out over the years, but figured I'd clarify before the Marvel stans think this is some 4chan disinfo campaign.

Writer Roslyn Talusan had something to say as well:

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Summary: Simu Liu was once part of the toxic/sexist/racist r/aznidentity subreddit. Unfortunately a lot of the receipts have been scrubbed, but API women have been calling him out for a long time. EDIT: according to"author":"nippedinthebud","resultSize":100%7D , Simu did not actually post to r/aznidentity more than a handful of times, so the characterization of him as a 'celebrity ringleader' of the sub is a major exaggeration. No defense for the pedo stuff or the racism on twitter though.

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The View: Ben Platt, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara

Ana joins today

Viewer discretion advised; sensitive content warning

More behind the cut

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Ontd what did you learn in school that was useless vs what did you wish you had been taught?

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Christy Carlson Romano Explains How She "Lost" The Princess Diaries Role To Anne Hathaway

Another day, another YouTube video by Christy Carlson Romano.

Christy explains that she never got the opportunity to audition for The Princess Diaries because she was too busy filming Even Stevens at the time. Literally, that's it. She prepared for the role, read lines with her TV mom, but ultimately was unable to make the audition and as we already know, AnnE got the role. That's the "tea" box literally left inside the cupboards that was never brewed.

Before that, when Christy was 14 she beat out Anne Hathaway for the lead role in a broadway musical or something. Says she felt bad for AnnE at the time because she gave what she described as, and I quote, "the worlds best audition."

Described her as a "sweetheart" and only had positive interactions with her.

Crashed Erik von Detten's 18th birthday party where she met Anne again.

Christy feels that if she had gotten that role, it would have made her career.

Mentions that she has a song in The Princess Diaries 2 soundtrack called "Let's Bounce."

Says she looks like Anne Hathaway. Idek.

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'Nightmare Alley' Teaser Trailer

Plot: An ambitious carny with a talent for manipulating people with a few well-chosen words hooks up with a female psychiatrist who is even more dangerous than he is.

Directed by: Guillermo del Toro

Cast: Bradley Cooper, Cate Blanchett, Toni Collette, Willem Dafoe, Richard Jenkins, Rooney Mara, Ron Perlman, David Strathairn

In theaters December 17th