Future King George Turns 6 Years Old

Prince George turns 6 years old on Monday 22 July

Sister Charlotte turned 4 years old in May, Brother Louis turned 1 year old in April

Duchess Kate took the photos at the Kensington Palace gardens

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Doom Patrol has officially been renewed for Season 2, to air in HBO Max and DC Universe.

- WB has renewed the best DC show. lbr... 'Doom Patrol' for a second season.
- The show will now premiere in both HBO Max and DC Universe at the same time.
- Season 2 will premiere in 2020.


Can we talk about how good this show is? about future Emmy winner Diane Guerrero? and how i hope queer icon Danny the Street is a series regular now?

Supernatural's final panel at SDCC + spoilers

Supernatural just held its final panel at SDCC in Hall H with J2M, Alexander Calvert, and the executive producers. Rob Benedict and Richard Speight Jr. moderated.

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Netflix: 105 Million Users Have Watched at Least One Episode of ‘Orange Is the New Black’


105 million Netflix users have seen at least one episode of “Orange Is the New Black,”, which makes it the most watched original show.

The final season drops this friday!

at what season did you stop watching ontd?

SDCC: "DuckTales" brings in the whole Disney Afternoon Universe

Obviously not attracting as much attention as all the Marvel news, but a few days ago at SDCC, Disney's DuckTales reboot unveiled its plans for maximum fanservice in the coming episodes.

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Bret Michaels Is A Lifestyle Guru, Has His Own Line Of Scented Candles

Bret Michaels is now a lifestyle guru with his own line of scented candles. He just launched a new one called "Roses & Thorns." It smells like his own brand of cologne, Roses & Thorns:

"An exhilarating scent with a mysterious kicker...leading to sexy results!"

There is no other information about what "Roses & Thorns" smells like... just that it has a mysterious kicker.

He also sells candles that smell like gingerbread, "hot tropic," and "soul fire." A pack of candle melts costs $8, a medium candle tin costs $15, and a glass candle jar costs $22.

What is the "mysterious kicker" in Bret's candles?

Wig glue
Stale beer
Human body fluids
Generic cheap cologne

What do u think of lifestyle gurus?


Queer Eye S4 is back on Netflix!

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