Kesha and Macklemore Announce a Summer Tour

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i like the tour art.. are you hft this drunk summer fun ontd?
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The View reacts to Moore's wife's comments and Gillibrand's Trump tweet

The View kicks off this Tuesday talking about Roy Moore's wife's comments about how their attorney is a Jew. The panel says who does that. Sunny believes that they aren't equal choices. Meghan interjects if the Democrats had inserted a more moderate candidate this would be a slam dunk for Ds. Sunny argues that he is a moderate. After two months on the job, Meghan still can't hold her own argument.

They also talk about Gillibrand v. Trump. How she called him to resign due to his sexual allegations? However, Trump responds back how she asked for campaign contributions. Sunny is mad at how infantile Trump is and she would take his phone away if he was her own child. WHERE ARE HIS HANDLERS?

Jimmy Fallon graces the View. He gushes about his daughter. He plays the whisper game with Whoopi, Sara, and Joy.



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Peaky Blinders episode 4.05 preview feat. Tom Hardy

Clip from the upcoming fifth episode of S4 of the best show about 1920s Brummie gangsters in the world
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The entire new season hits US Netflix on December 21.

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Star Wars Cast Takes "Which Star Wars Character Are You?" Quiz

With the upcoming release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, we had the cast of the most-anticipated movie of the year take a BuzzFeed quiz to discover which character from a galaxy far, far away they truly are.

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You can take the quiz yourself here! :)

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Morrissey Still Garbage, Vegan Prince Johnny Marr Is Still The Superior Smiths Member, Water Is Wet

-German news outlet, Der Spiegel, has published the audio recording of Morrissey's controversial interview in which he victim blamed the Kevin Spacey accusers.
-Morrissey, in true Morrissey fashion, blamed the media and said he was misquoted (he wasn't) and vowed to never speak to the press again.
-Relevant ONTD post of the initial controversy here.

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Harry Styles kisses a guy

Harry Styles, object of adoration around the world, kissed someone the other day. But contrary to his usual kissing partners, this time it was a male (are you clutching your imaginary pearls yet?). Guess who ONTD...

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Jessica Chastain thought Hollywood would shun her for speaking out against Weinstein

  • She was afraid she would be shunned by Hollywood for speaking out about Weinstein, thought that people wouldn't want to work with her if she was an outspoken activist

  • Is pleasantly surprised by her 5th Golden Globe nom since 2012

  • For Molly's Game Aaron Sorkin told her he didn't want to create the male gaze

  • First time in Chastain's career she worked with a cinematographer who was a woman (Charlotte Bruus Christensen)


R u ready for Miss Sloane 2.0?

Trailer for HBO's David Bowie Documentary

From the video description:

"Focusing on the artist’s final years, David Bowie: The Last Five Years presents a nuanced look at the evolution of Bowie’s music as told through archival footage and interviews with the musical legend’s bandmates. Largely focused on Bowie’s final two albums, The Next Day and Blackstar, the film also explores his musical, Lazarus, which he began developing in the midst of his illness."


Jennifer Lawrence's Burial Rites gets a new director

  • Burial Rites is an adaptation of the book of the same name

  • Jlaw will play Agnes Magnusdottir, the last woman to be publicly executed in Iceland for killing two men and setting fire to their home

  • Call Me by Your Name director Luca Guadagnino will direct

  • Jlaw is also set to produce


Who's ready for millenial Meryl to score her 5th Oscar nom?