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Adele effortlessly breaks Spotify all time single day streaming record

The music industry is back! Adele broke the record for the most streams in a single day worldwide. Easy on Me earned 19.75M streams during it's first full day on Spotify. The record was previously held by "All I Want For Christmas is You" which was streamed 17.2M times on last Christmas eve.

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'DOCTOR WHO: FLUX' Trailer. Premieres October 31st + Jodie Whittaker on Graham Norton

- BBC has released a trailer for 'Doctor Who: Flux', the show's 13th season consisting of 6 episodes and a single story told across all of them.
- The trailer reveals the return of the Ood, Sontarans and Cybermen as well as the introduction of new aliens and...Chewbacca?
- This is Jodie Whittaker's final season. Leading into 3 film-length specials on 2022 ending with Jodie's regeneration and the 60th anniversary on 2023.

[Jodie talks Doctor Who on The Graham Norton Show]

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ONTD, will you be watching 'Doctor Who: Flux'?

Sean Penn's Wife Actress Leila George Files for Divorce After 1 Year of Marriage

Australian actress Leila George, has filed for divorce after just over one year of marriage.
Penn, 61, and George, 29, tied the knot in July 2020, but they had been romantically linked since 2016.

Penn was previously married to Robin Wright from 1996 to 2010, and Madonna from 1985 to 1989.
He has two children from his marriage to Wright: daughter Dylan, 28, and Hopper.


Eve is pregnant, expecting first child with husband

Eve, 42, is expecting her first baby with husband Maximillion Cooper,
They married in June 2014 after four years of dating,
Cooper has four children, Lotus, 19, Jagger, 17, Cash, 15, and Mini, 13, from his previous marriage. 

Queens premieres on Tuesday, Oct. 19 at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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Academy award nominated actress Juliette Lewis calls out brutal working conditions in the industry


Juliette Lewis, 48, posted a message to her fellow actors on instagram. She wants them to talk about the working conditions that have been normalized on sets, such as 17 hour work days six days a week. She says if it’s bad for actors she can’t imagine what it’s like for the crew that shows up hours before and leaves hours after the actors. She says she has been conditioned to work through illness because otherwise you’re labeled “problematic” and told you’re costing the studio tens of thousands of dollars. She urges her fellow actors to stand up for crew.

So far actresses Florence Pugh, Emma Roberts, and Kristin Bell have all reposted Juliette’s post to their instagram, and I’m sure many more will follow.

This is in response to a possible strike for up to 60,000 film and television workers.

Ontd, are you allowed to take sick leave at your job?

Zelda Williams sets boundaries with her late father's stans

Unhinged Robin Williams fans have been bombarding his daughter Zelda with a video of Jamie Costa impersonating her late father. The five-minute-long clip entitled "ROBIN: Test footage" has Costa acting out Robin Williams' reaction to John Belushi's death.

Zelda finally put her foot down and let fans know that she doesn't want to get tagged in/sent the video anymore:

Robin Williams stans of course respected her wishes and didn't inundate her with rude messages because they understand that what might be a heartwarming performance to them, probably is hard to watch for his literal daughter ... right?

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Somebody SAVVVVVVVVVEEEEE ME! Smallville cast and crew reflect on show 20yrs later

-It's been 20 years since Smallville premiered and it would help usher in a resurgence of Superheroes on television and run for 10 years. The last successful live action "Superman" before Superman and Lois would premiere 19 years later.

-They were given creative freedom with the early years of the show since no one really cared about it and Clark Kent as a teenager is widely unexplored.

-They had to practically beg Tom Welling to audition for the role and Tom called a meeting with the team to see what the show was about and ensure that he wouldnt be running around in tights.

-Jensen Ackles was also in the running for Clark but of course Tom practically had it in the bag since they wanted him more.

-Zach Levi almost got the role of Lex Luthor but bombed his audition with the studio heads which lead to Michael Rosenbaum auditioning and when asked to return to screen test for the studio, pulled a Lex Luthor and refused to do so, instead telling them to watch his initial taped audition as it was just that good.

-They also had to practically beg John Schneider to read for the role of Jonathan Kent but once he read the script he knew he had to be part of the show no matter what.

-It initially took hair and makeup 2 1/2 hours to get Michael ready to be Lex as his hair would grow so much each day that they had to constantly shave him bald and ensure that the makeup blended naturally.

-They would insist on having directors that would give notes on their performances and how to improve them as most directors who would direct the scene and not care about the actual performance of the actors (explains so much about TheCW).

-Erika Durance was bts of the show initially booking the shows photo doubles and much like every actor, was ready to quit acting right until the role of Lois Lane came up.

-The cast/crew are even closer today than they were while shooting the show.

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Kacey Musgraves gives the middle finger to the Grammy Committee for "snubbing" her

Almost a week after the Grammy Committee deemed her new album "Star-Crossed" as ineligible for the country music category, Kacey Musgraves shared some old photos on her Instagram stories. The photos included a picture of herself as a child, as well as snapshots showing her with country music icons, such as Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Ronnie Milsap, George Strait, Brooks & Dunn, Leann Womack and others. The series ended with a picture of Musgraves holding up two middle fingers.

Musgraves tagged each of the artists in her pics, and asked them directly in the captions, with messages such as "Aint that right @lorettalynnoffical?" and "Whatchu think @shaniatwain?" as well as "And what about you @dollyparton," and "Can't not ask @reba."

Only Pam Tillis, Loretta Lynn, and Brooks & Dunn reposted the stories.

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This also follows recent accusations of plagiarism:
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Poll #2113798 What do you think?

Should Star-Crossed be eligible for the country album category?


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