Twitter stans find old fat-shaming tweets of Riverdale's Charles Melton

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Charles replaced alleged Courtney Love-conspirator Ross Butler in the Reggie Mantle role

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how did he or his publicist not delete his old social media once he started booking roles???

Cast of Preacher on Red Carpet for Season 3 Premiere

The cast of Preacher gathered at The Hearth and The Hound in Los Angeles on June 14, 2018 (06/14/18) for the season 3 premiere. Those in attendance included show creators Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and Sam Catlin, as well as actors Dominic Cooper, Ruth Negga, Graham McTavish, Pip Torrens, Adam Croasdell, Julie Ann Emery, Tyson Ritter, Liz McGeever, Colin Cunningham, Betty Buckley, Ian Colletti, and executive producer James Weaver. Season 3 of Preacher premieres on Sunday, June 24.

The back, from left to right: Sam Catlin, Pip Torrens, Ruth Negga, Ian Colletti, Graham McTavish, Dominic Cooper, Julie Ann Emery, Betty Buckley, Adam Croasdell, Tyson Ritter. The front, from left to right: Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and Colin Cunningham.

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Mexico's win against Germany in World Cup opener causes earthquake, celebrities and fans react

Mexico pulls an upset beating Germany 1 - 0.

• This was Germany's first loss opening game since 1982, when West Germany lost against Algeria.

• Just how big was this upset? Well, this was only Mexico's second win against Germany. Their last win against them was in June 1985.

• Mexico coach Juan Carlos Osorio: “In the first half, we were the better team. In the second half, they tried to attack more. We prepared yesterday for their use of Mario Gomez up front. We practiced defending with four midfielders and three players up front and that is almost how we got the second goal. We showed we have a bright future and I am very satisfied with what we did. We played with bravery when it was needed and also defended with all of our hearts.”

• The celebration in Mexico was so big that according to the Institute of Geological and Atmospheric Research, fan reaction immediately after Mexico’s goal against Germany caused an earthquake in Mexico City 🇲🇽 ! No puedo.

• We don't deserve it, huh, Diego? Ajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja.

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Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! The Jerry Springer Show canceled.

-After 27 seasons, 4000 episodes, The Jerry Springer Show has been canceled.

-The Jerry Springer Show premiered back in 1991 and was one of the few remaining tabloid talk shows from the 90s that still aired.

-It is reported that they had their wrap party June 8th.

-TheCW may order additional episodes sometime down the road but right now they plan on just airing the remaining episodes in between reruns.

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What are your fondest memories of this trash show? What was your go to trash talk show to go to back in the 90s?

Celebrities Celebrate Father's Day

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Mary McCormack Tweets Video of Her Husband's Tesla Spontaneously Catching Fire In Traffic

Mary McCormack (In Plain Sight, The West Wing) tweeted a video of her husband's Tesla Model S car on fire, commenting that it simply went up in flames while he was driving in Los Angeles. McCormack's husband is director/producer Michael Morris.

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Jim Carrey Returns to Television in "Kidding"

Jim Carrey has reunited with his “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” director Michel Gondry for Showtime's comedy-drama series, “Kidding,” It will be Jim Carrey's first regular television role since In Living Color in the 90s.

Carrey stars as Jeff, aka Mr Pickles, a Mr. Rogers-esque icon of children’s television. Jeff’s image as a beacon of kindness and wisdom to America’s children is threatened once he starts losing his grip on reality following the implosion of his family.

The show premieres on Showtime on September 9th.


Angelina Jolie visits Mosul, Iraq

One year after Mosul was liberated from ISIS, Angelina Jolie visits the devastated city where more than 10,000 people are said to have been killed in the fight for the city. She visited with people in the city amazed at the strength of the people there who have lost everything, including family members, and still press on to rebuild. She urges the world to not forget about the people here because they need our help more than ever.

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