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ONTD Original: Beliefs the Pop Community Tell Themselves

So I've been pop music for a while and some of these fans start to conjure up a lot of beliefs, whether they're suggestions as to how manage some of these artists, or you're simply placing some sort of judgement.

The following list is not to disapprove such thoughts to be expressed, but these comments and complaints get overdone by stan bases all over. Here I will bring up a common arguments and try to find points as to why they're valid or not.

1. 'X' artist should make an 'x 2.0'/recreate 'x' record.
- If they have been creatively stunted and lost their own identity, they can venture back into something people will be familiar with
- Maybe audience wants the artist to create something in the similar state of mind as something previous, or in vein as something else, and not exactly replicate music

Maybe they did try to recreate a similar song and it worked. I'd like to consider very similar parallels to "Heartbreaker" vs. "Fantasy" by Mariah Carey, and Lady Gaga creating "Judas" vs. "Bad Romance".

- As formulaic song making is, attempting to make a similar song is #reductive
- Artists naturally grow and change, and hopefully for the better
- Timing: songs and albums made their magic already and achieved it's own success

Lil monsters - I know TFM was THE work of art but stop hoping Gaga will go back to "dark themes" as if TFM is gonna be reawakened. Voodoo ha, hex ha all you want but if #Joanne must rest, so must your hopes.

There's no point in Madonna making another Ray of Light or Xtina making another Stripped.

2. You're only as good as your last success.
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3. 'X' artist is always holding up with releases/making the wrong single choices.
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4. Only one artist can reign in 'x' genre.
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5. 'Y' artist is the new 'x' artist.
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6. Pop music + pop stars are not credible artists.
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LENGTHY TEXT POST. Why is this a damn essay. I wrote this bc I have a lot of #thots and I feel like I sound crazy

ONTD, do you witness tired comments in the pop music community?

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Will.i.am and Britney Spears lose a five-year legal battle over “Scream & Shout” to Tulisa

• For the past five years, Will.U.Stop and Britney Spears have been embroiled in a legal battle over royalties for their 2012 hit song, “Scream and Shout.”

• According to Tulisa Contostavlos (once a member of the UK group N-Dubz and went on to be a judge on the UK version of The X Factor, and was most famous for mentoring superstar girl group Little Mix), the song was originally titled “I Don't Give a F*ck” and was meant to be on her debut album The Female Boss. Her label ultimately decided not to include the song on the final cut of her album.

• Tulisa maintains she wrote the song's opening line, “when you hear this in the club, you’d better turn this shit up” and was never credited or has seen any monetary compensation for her contributions on the song including some of her vocals left on the finished version. (Myah Marie hew?)

Back in 2012, Will.I.Can't said: “Tulisa wrote to that song before I did - this is the truth. But the producers of the beat, two brothers from Belgium called Lazy Jay, didn’t want her to have it, so I wrote to it and Britney is the only person I ever had in mind.”

This past week, Contostavlos won her lawsuit against the pair and has now been awarded a co-writing credit, as well as 10 percent of everything the worldwide hit song has made in its lifetime (these funds have been frozen since 2012 due to the lawsuit and nobody has seen any money from its success until now).

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ONTD, do you still bring the accent and listen to Scream & Shout?

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Britney Spears now graces the Louvre + New KENZO promo video


From Kentwood Louisiana to the Louvre in Paris! Britney keeps breaking new ground and now museum audiences can see Brit's pretty face modelling Kenzo's 2018 line when they come out of the world famous museum. That's not all though, a new promo video has also been released online by Kenzo as the line gears up for release worldwide.

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Legends only

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ONTD Original: Five of the Best Clapbacks from the Pop Girls™

clap back
1. verb To respond to an insult or criticism, sometimes in a vengeful manner.
She calmly clapped back at critics by asserting that her weight is none of their business. I'm not proud of it, but I did clap back at the girl who stole my boyfriend by starting a vicious rumor about her.

2. noun A response to an insult or criticism, sometimes in a vengeful manner.
I'm not great at the clap back because I get easily flustered by criticism. Her clap back was a vicious rumor targeting the girl that stole her boyfriend.
See also: come back

Christina María Aguilera VS Mariah Carey

The Comment

“One time, we were at a party and I think she got really drunk, and she had just really derogatory things to say to me. But it was at that time that she had that breakdown, so she might have been very medicated.”

The Clapback:

“I had hoped that Christina was in a better place now than the last time I saw her, when she showed up uninvited at one of my parties and displayed questionable behavior. It is sad yet predictable that she would use my name at this time to reinvent past incidents for her promotional gain. It is in my heart to forgive and I will keep her in my prayers.”

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ONTD, have you ever had to clap back to your peers?

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ONTD Original: White Girl Pop Songs by Our Former Teen Pop Sensations

I kind of wanted to make a short and sweet post cause I've been listening to some throwbacks. Here I want to bring out debut album cuts from our '98-'99 white girl-next-door darlings Britney, Christina, Jessica, and Mandy bc we can always use a sugary bubblegum pop track. I also added some counterpart tracks to each song from more recent white girls with songs of the similar mood for vein for fun.

💖 The Hook Up Jam 💖

I've Got My Eyes On You by Jessica Simpson

Also listen to: This Kiss by Carly Rae Jepsen

For all my lists I always have one song that jumpstarts the idea of the post, which brings the first song here. I grew up with Sweet Kisses and I've rediscovered the bop that is "I've Got My Eyes On You", which is a new jack swing-lite track and an ear worm. Let's also not forget the feminist bop "Woman In Me" featuring Destiny's Child (where they basically sing background vocals). "This Kiss" by cult-following queen Carly is another song that is about hooking up but in a more scandalous notion in that both parties have partners at home.

💖 See You Never 💖

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💖 Sexual Slow Jam 💖

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💖 In Luv No Matter What 💖

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From Britney Spears to the Spice Girls: why 2018 is looking a lot like 1998

This year marks the 20th anniversary of two iconic names in pop music: Britney Spears and the Spice Girls. It was literally a Spice World in 1998 when the group topped the charts and box office with 'Spice World'. The Spice Girls who reformed recently and will reunite in a special engagement for Prince Harry's wedding and are set to voice an animated film. Victoria Beckham crushed our dreams with any prospect of a reunion tour. The Spice Girls revitalized the pop genre within the music industry and paved the way for other pop acts like Britney Spears. Living legend Britney Spears made her impact with her debut #1 single ...Baby One More time. Twenty years later Spears is about to embark on a sold out world tour sponsored by Pepsi and is the face of high fashion Parisian brand Kenzo. Spears former Mickey Mouse Club alums were apart of the teen pop phenomenon. N Sync will receive a star on the walk of fame, Justin Timberlake Mayo of the Woods and aging like Mr. Burns while Christina Aguilera is selling Oreos.

source= https://twitter.com/Telegraph/status/978968902452568064

Britney Spears' Dad Jamie is Looking Into Ending Her Conservatorship

  • According to a source, "Jamie [Spears] is actively consulting with Britney’s medical team to determine if the conservatorship [...] should finally come to an end"

  • Spears is set to begin her 'Piece of Me' world tour in Tokyo on June 3, taking it through Asia, North America and Europe throughout the summer

  • The conservatorship, which has been in place since Spears was hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation in 2008, would ideally be lifted at the conclusion of the tour

  • Another source told 'Us Weekly' in February that Spears "is feeling confident enough to take control of her life again"

  • Source

    Show me the receipts: Papa Spears wants Kevin Federline’s 2017 tax return

    A follow up to this and this post.

    • Last week, money hungry heaux Kevin Federline and his attorney met with Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, about increasing his monthly child support payments.

    Britney Spears has earned more than $137 million dollars in 4 years from her Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood and KFed feels he's entitled to a bigger piece of that pie because he feels her success is in part because the boys have been in her life. The increase is also being requested to “recognize the sacrifices he has made because he has gone above and beyond what most people would do in this situation.”

    Papa Spears however ain't buying any of this and responded to his former son-in-law’s request by outlining a monthly budget for KFed. The letter sent by Britney’s legal team lays out how the current monthly payment should be spent.

    • The PopoZão “rapper” was reportedly “pissed” and “insulted.”

    • Federline’s attorney says, “Unfortunately, the proposal that came back amounted to no modification of support, but it indicated to me that Mr. Spears has to recognize that he is the conservator for Britney and not for Kevin.”

    Jamie Spears didn't stop there, he also wants those receipts! He demanded to see Federline’s 2017 tax return to see if he’s working for a living or if he's just mooching off Spears.

    According to the source, Federline's monthly expenses only add up to about half of the $20,000 he's getting. “We want to know where that $20,000 is going. Kevin wants a raise in money and he can't account for where the $20,000 is going.”

    • Papa Spears is standing firm and not wiling to give KFed another cent unless courts demand it. He feels Spears making more money doesn't change the needs of 12-year-old Sean and 11-year-old Jayden.

    • Jamie is also convinced that Federline is misusing some of his monthly funds to support his four other children.

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    Britney for Grazia FR + More pics from her Kenzo campaign


    Brit is taking the fashion world by storm! To promote her new collaboration with luxury brand Kenzo Britney graces the cover of Grazia France's April issue while more pics have been released from her photoshoot with legendary photographer Peter Lindbergh.

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