Chevy Chase Really Hates ‘SNL’

Chevy Chase had a reputation for being difficult, arrogant, and downright mean. He left the show in 1976.
He is sounding off on all the things he hates about “Saturday Night Live".
Despite his animosity to everything modern-day “SNL” stands for, he’d do it all again.
He has few kind words for some of the now-famous faces (Fey, Wiig)
He had a racially charged comment about former castmember Eddie Murphy.
He had a few good words about some “SNL” alums, including the late Gilda Radner, Dana Carvey, and Dan Aykroyd,

“I mean it just gets so bad and it seems like some guys are out there just to be the guy who says, ‘Live from New York,’ and then does it poorly. Anyway, that’s not nice of me to say, but…fuck ’em. I’d have to say, that after the first two years, it went downhill. Why am I saying that? Because I was in it? I guess. That’s a horrible thing to say. But certainly, I never had more fun. I really loved it and enjoyed it. I didn’t see the same fun thing happening to the cast the next year.”

“First of all, between you and me and a lamppost, jeez, I don’t want to put down Lorne [Michaels] or the cast, but I’ll just say, maybe off the record, I’m amazed that Lorne has gone so low. I had to watch a little of it, and I just couldn’t fucking believe it. That means a whole generation of shitheads laughs at the worst fucking humour in the world. You know what I mean? How could you dare give that generation worse shit than they already have in their lives? It just drives me nuts."


New Batman issue shows Batdick

The new miniseries 'Batman: Damned' is the first of DC's 'Black Label' imprint which allows mature content. The first issue shows off Batman's junk for the first time, albeit in a silhouetted fashion.

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Director Feng Xiaogang is cut from high-profile film

- Feng made a brief but eye-catching appearance in the Ash Is the Purest White movie,

- movie premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in May,

- Fan Bingbing walked the red carpet in support of the film,

- Feng's scene is missing from a newly cut version screened in China,

- he did not walk the red carpet either.

source: twitter

A woman stole $80K from nonprofit health clinic to buy Taylor Swift tickets.

- Alia J. Pranke was charged with three counts of theft by swindle for allegedly embezzling from Dakota Child and Family Clinic,

- her colleague saw a clinic bank statement with charges for Taylor Swift concert tickets,

- she also bought other things,

- the clinic's mission is to provide health care to people of all ages, regardless of ability to pay,

- the clinic is struggling financially and threatened with eviction.

source: twitter

Brad Pitt is still monitored by officials from the Department of Children and Family Services

According to US Weekly, Brad Pitt Is Spending Quality Time With His Kids

Buried in the article is the fact that, during those visits, Pitt is still monitored by officials from the Department of Children and Family Services


Kanye West: I'm moving back to Chicago and I'm never leaving again

Announced the move with Kim to Chi-Town at an event with Chance the Rapper. Kanye was quoted as saying, "I got to let y'all know that I'm moving back to Chicago and I'm never leaving again."

The couple and their three children, North, Saint, and Chicago moving to Illinois pretty soon, with publications claiming that they’ve already located a potential property where they want to set up home.

But recent reports say the family will still be based in Calabasas and that it'll just be their place to go to when they "don't want to be hounded by paparazzi and desire their privacy".

But you call the paparazzi Kim...

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Vlogger Jamie and Nikki are taking a break form youtube bc their house is trying to kill them


Jamie and Nikki are a popular youtube family (1.6 million subscribers) and supermodel Duckie Thot's sister & brother in law

they recently moved into a new house and since then the whole family has been very sick, even their little baby

they are now taking a youtube break to figure out what is going on

youtube comments think they have a carbon monoxide leak or mold in the vents

ontd, has your house ever tried to kill you?