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NPR drags Jesy Nelson

NPR decided to get involved in the Jesy Nelson drama last night. The NPR Twitter account posted a tweet that read: "Blackfishing aside, there's a reason Jesy Nelson isn't a household name, our critic writes. With toothless lyrics and vocals reminiscent of a bad Camilla Cabello impression, she commits the cardinal solo career sin - being boring."

However, NPR ended up deleting the tweet, due to them misspelling Camila Cabello's name.

However, the review that the tweet came from is still up and oh boy, is it a doozy. NPR writer Reanna Cruz manages to drag Jesy and Nicki in a two paragraph review. Some other highlights include:

- "Nelson (you might know her — if nowhere else — from viral "balegdeh" meme fame)"
- "As seen over the past few months, [Nicki Minaj] has done an incredible job of aligning herself with things that are just The Worst."
- "Nelson contributes a nondescript vocal that attempts to invoke the spirit of "Dirrty"-era Christina Aguilera but ends up being a bad Camila Cabello impression"

Shockingly, as of now, Nicki has yet to go on a Twitter rampage

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New look at the main cast on ‘The Last of Us’ set

Filming on HBO’s ‘The Last of Us’ is underway, giving us the first clear look at Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey as Joel and Ellie. Anna Torv who plays Tess was also on set.

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First look at Black Adam

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The HFPA and Critics' Choice Association Are Fighting

To recap: NBC refused to air the Golden Globes next year until the HFPA gets their shit together. When that happened, the Critics' Choice Awards quickly rescheduled their televised ceremony (it airs on the CW) to the date the Globes were scheduled for: January 9. Earlier this week, the HFPA announced they will still give out awards in 2022.

The latest mess: HFPA has also stated they will be hosting an awards ceremony on January 9, even though no one has yet agreed to televise it. On top of that, they will be announcing their nominations on December 13... the same day the Critics' Choice Association will be doing so.

The Critics Choice Awards president called it a "petty and vindictive move" and "an unprecedented act of spite" in a statement.

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ontd, do you think the hfpa will find someone to televise the ceremony? would celebs would attend an untelevised golden globes or would everyone go to critics' choice?

J Balvin releases “ten cuidado” for P25, gets, along with Katy Perry & post Malone, official cards

As the latest promo single off of the P25 album, celebrating the franchise’s 25 anniversary, the reggaetón song from Colombian hit maker, j Balvin, was released. The album is out now.


Also, him, Katy Perry and post Malone transformed into Pokémon trainers, appearing in official Pokémon trading cards, accompanied by Charizard, Pikachu and Dragonite & Butterfree respectively.

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Adele effortlessly breaks Spotify all time single day streaming record

The music industry is back! Adele broke the record for the most streams in a single day worldwide. Easy on Me earned 19.75M streams during it's first full day on Spotify. The record was previously held by "All I Want For Christmas is You" which was streamed 17.2M times on last Christmas eve.

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