Wendy Williams' friends are concerned for her health; can barely stand

- Announced that she missed the show yesterday due to a shoulder injury
- Wendy addressed that she was fine but her friends think something serious is happening behind the scenes
- Fans noticed that she has been sitting any chance she gets and Wendy clapped back saying she will sit because she can and it's her show
-Fans speculate that Wendy might have relapsed


Queer As Folk reboot ordered @ Bravo

-BRAVO is rebooting Queer As Folk for their network with original creator Russell T. Davies.

-Will be a "modern take on the original British series that centers on a group of club-going friends who find support in the gay community following a tragedy"

-Don't expect any of the originals from either versions of the show to show up as this will center around new gays.

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Rachel McAdams for Girls.Girls.Girls. Magazine


Rachel McAdams sports Versace and Bulgari for a new feature in Girls Girls Girls Magazine. Since Rachel had to schedule in breaks for pumping for her 6 month old baby, she and photographer Claire Rothstein both decided to feature the pump in one of the shots.

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Courtney Act to compete at the Australian National Final for Eurovision 2019

Singer, RPDR finalist and CBB winner, Courtney Act has just been announced as one of the contestants for the first ever Australian NF. The winner of the show will represent the country at Eurovision 2019.

Among Act, singers Kate Miller-Heidke, Sheppard, Mark Vincent, Electric Fields, Aydan and Leea Nanos are the competitors so far.

More names will be announced. The show will air on February 9th

SOURCE: Youtube, SBS

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IndieWire ranks the 15 songs up for the Oscar for Original Song

Yesterday the Academy dumped a shit ton of shortlists on us award season stans. One of them, for the first time, was for Best Original Song.

David Ehrlich at IndieWire took the time to rank the 15 songs that made the shortlist from worst to best. Here are the rankings of 5 of those songs:

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12 Days of ONTD: Day 5

12 Days Of ONTD: Day 5

♪5 Celeb Reaction Posts♪

How do you enter? All you have to do is comment! We'll be randomly selecting winners from the comments section. To keep it fair, you can only win once, but you can comment as many times as you'd like.

Day 1-11 Winners will will a Paid Account for one year
Day 12 Winner will win a Paid Account and a SouljaWatch!

Good luck!

How a Celebrity Trainer Gets Actors in Shape for Movies | Vanity Fair

Celebrity trainer Jason Walsh shows you how he gets actors in shape for movies. Jason explains how he helped Bradley Cooper train for American Sniper, John Krasinski train for 13 Hours, Emily Blunt train for Edge of Tomorrow, Alison Brie train for GLOW, and Emma Stone train for La La Land. Find out exactly how actors train for roles in action, superhero, and dance movies.


George Takei Joins AMC's 'The Terror' as Season 2 Regular, Consultant

George Takei has joined the second season of 'The Terror'. The season will take place in a World War II internment camp for Japanese Americans. Takei, who was interned in two camps himself as a child, is serving as a historical consultant as well as one of the regular cast members.

The rest of the cast includes Derek Mio (Greek), Kiki Sukezane (Lost in Space), Miki Ishikawa (911), Shingo Usami (Unbroken) and Naoko Mori (Everest).


Disney’s live-action ‘Lady and the Tramp’ is starring real dogs

Thomas Mann, who plays Lady's owner Jim Dear, has revealed he worked with real dogs while filming the Disney remake.

"The dogs were there. We shot with the dogs, every day. They were on set and they weren’t even trained. They found these dogs and started training them about three months before. They just wanted to find the perfect dogs. The main dog’s name was Rose, who played Lady. It was crazy because they didn’t know they were working, so they would run off in the middle of a take, and then come back over. You have to be extra patient because you have to be good every time for when they are good once. It was a lot of fun. It was so cute, every day, to just have a bunch of dogs to play with. It made the job a lot less stressful."

The movie will premiere on Disney's upcoming streaming service.