Creep Hacks Bella Thorne, Threatens to Release Topless Photos

- Earlier this week, Bella Thorne was hacked and blackmailed by a creep who threatened to release her nudes to the public.
- She revealed on Twitter that she's taking back her "power" by releasing the threatening messages as well as the topless photos he stole.
- That same creep has stolen other celeb's nudes. It's unclear who else is a victim of the hacking.

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Ariana Grande cries during Pittsburgh concert over Mac Miller

Ariana Grande broke down multiple times on stage during her concert in Mac Miller's hometown of Pittsburgh. "Raindrops," "Needy," and "thank u, next" all featured tears from the singer. To pay a small tribute to him she and her dancers wore Pittsburg Steelers jackets during one of her sets. It also believed that she reserved a seat for him at the show.

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Angelina Jolie appears to brush off Venezuelan refugee for getting too close

While talking to refugees near the Colombia-Venezuela border, Angelina Jolie appears to subtly brush off a refugee girl for getting too close.


The cast of Stranger Things sings and plays a game on the Tonight Show

• All six of the main kid cast members (including Gaten Matarazzo, who unfortunately did not prank Jimmy Fallon by firing him on the spot) appeared on Fallon's show last night to promote season 3 of Stranger Things

• Caleb McLaughlin led the cast in a rousing rendition of the "Chicken Noodle Soup" song

• The cast is asked to describe the new season in one word. Answers ranged from "classic" to "gory" and "fun" (and "spreading" was Millie Bobby Brown's choice for some reason)

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Taylor Swift Wishes NYC's Stonewall Inn 'Happy Pride' at Surprise Set

On Friday evening, Taylor Swift appeared at Stonewall Inn for a surprise performance at a Pride celebration event put on by AEG and Stonewall Inn. Taylor sang "Shake It Off" with Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

The event comes is apart of AEG's pledge to support the Stonewall Inn Gives Back Initiative (SIGBI), which focuses on developing an LGBTQ+ anti-bias training standard and creating safe spaces. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.

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The Alienist sequel 'The Angel of Darkness' casting

The sequel to 'The Alienist', which is called 'The Angel of Darkness' started shooting in Budapest and they've released some casting.

Matt Letscher will play newspaper titan William Randolph Hearst- 'Hearst's unparalleled wealth and power swayed public opinion in New York and across the world.' Brittany Batchelder will play Joanna, Cyrus Montrose's niece, who 'returns to New York as an aspiring journalist who becomes a protege to John Moore (Luke Evans) at the New York Times'. Both are recurring roles.

They're joining Melanie Field and newcomer Rosy McEwen, who were announced (on twitter) last week.

Melanie Field will play Bitsy Sussman, 'an industrious young protege at the Sara Howard Detective Agency who looks to Sara for professional guidance but who brings her own warmth and New York street smarts to the job.'

Rosy McEwen will play Libby Hatch, 'a sensitive young nurse and would-be whistleblower who befriends Sara.'

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Here for a Sara focused season. Anyone else looking forward to this?

Margot Robbie explains her decision to work with Quentin Tarantino

- says she was reassured by the fact that tarantino has never been accused of sexual misconduct or harassment, and that he called the car crash with uma thurman “one of the biggest regrets of my life"
- says the thought crossed her mind that it might be a conflict with everything she's doing for women on the producing side (she owns a production company)
- robbie personally wrote tarantino a letter asking for an opportunity to work with him because she felt she was ready
- it's been a lifelong dream of hers to be in one of his movies

on working with him:
“I don’t know. I don’t know how to say what I feel about it, because I’m so grateful to be in a position of power and to have more creative control when that is embraced and encouraged now. At the same time, I grew up adoring movies that were the result of the previous version of Hollywood, and aspiring to be a part of it, so to have those dreams come true also feels incredibly satisfying. I don’t know. Maybe I’m having my cake and eating it too...”

on a possible conflict:
"It would be easier, and so much more unfulfilling, not to have a production company. To not hire first- and second-time female directors, and stake millions of other people’s money, and put my name to it and everything I’ve worked for, but I’ve made the choice to do it, and I don’t regret it. On the flip side—and it doesn’t even feel like a flip side—it was my lifelong dream [to work with Tarantino], and I got to do it, and it makes me sad if people might hold that against me despite everything else I’m doing.

on quentin being a big part of hollywood:
“Quentin told me, ‘You will never have more fun on a movie set.’ And he was right. I had the greatest experience of my life. There are some aspects of old Hollywood that are really wonderful and important and should be carried over. Do you erase history because there were some bad parts? Maybe it’s important for us at this juncture to acknowledge the good parts as well.

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Mischa Barton Returns as Marissa Cooper With The Hills Cast

Mischa Barton sits back in the director’s chair and watches her fellow cast members read some of The OC’s most iconic lines, she even gives us a Marissa Cooper revival!

If you want to skip the unfunny dumbassery just to see how Mischa does as Marissa, skip to 2:00.

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