FIFA Women's World Cup 2019 - Round of 16 - Matchday 17 Viewing Post

Today's Matches
Spain 🇪🇸 v. United States 🇺🇸
Sweden 🇸🇪 v. Canada 🇨🇦


How Do Independent Filmmakers Make a Living ?

What do these directors do when they aren’t showcasing their films at a festival?
How do they make a living when they aren’t busy making personal films?

• Editor and colorist for commercial and independent film and video. 
• directed and edited some comedy tv shows ans some commercials.
• teach filmmaking as a full-time professor at Emerson College.
• teach in the School of Media Studies at The New School.
• own a butchery and a burger joint, freelance in advertising as a copywrite, direct short form branded content.
• editing independent film, short content for non-profits and brands.
• a professional dancer and dance teacher, work at an acupuncture studio.
• edit videos for media outlets, start-ups, and record labels.
• teach introductory and advanced film production courses and screenwriting at Swarthmore College.
• a tenure track Assistant Professor, teaching Directing and Screenwriting.
• work a part-time retail job.
• teach documentary theory and production at a university. 
• a Creative Producer in the advertising world. 
• teach film production and aesthetic classes to college students.


ONTD, How do you make a living ? Or What is your dream job ?

Youtuber Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul are engaged

Youtuber Jake Paul proposed to fellow youtuber Tana Mongeau for her 21st birthday last night, of course it was all over social media.

Many on social media are speculating it's a joke and or all for attention.

A video of Tana showing off the ringCollapse )

Were youtube "personalities" a mistake?

SourceSource / Source

Alice Cooper has a death pact with his wife

... and how do you feel this Monday, ONTD?

- Cooper (71) and Sheryl Goddard (61) made a pact: if one of them is close to dying, the other will take steps to follow suit

- They've been married for 43 years

- Choice quote: “I couldn’t live without her. We always said there will never be a time when one of us will be mourning the other,” he continues. “Whenever it does happen, we are going to go together.”


Honestly ..IDEK. ONTD, could you be married with someone for 43 years? Would you ever enter into any kind of pact? Are you surprised that there's just a ten year age difference between the two?

Obama's visit George Clooney's lake house

- The entire family was spotted arriving at Amal & George's house on Lake Cuomo

- It's a part of the European vacay the Obama's are having to celebrate Sasha getting her high school diploma

- There were in Avignon (France) for Father's Day

- Source also mentions some restaurant names


What did you do to celebrate your high school diploma, ONTD? What are your summer holiday plans, ONTD?

WHOLESOME POST - Sam Neill ecstatic after pet duck flies for the first time in years

- Sam Neill beloved Jurassic Park actor has a farm in New Zealand where he makes wine and has a lot of animals
- One of them is his duck Charlie Pickering (after the Australian personality of the same name)
- Charlie took flight for the first time in years and Sam is a proud duck dad

proud duck dad under cutCollapse )

Source1 2

Apologies to the NZ community but there is still no NZ Celebs tag.
Sam Neill is probably my fave celeb insta, who is yours ONTD?

Life After Lockup 2.16 "Breaking Bad Breakdowns at the Bodega's Lime Display" Discussion Post

OP is back from her study and work slumber to continue her Poolitzuh prize winning recaps of reality trash.

- We've got a family reunion to pick up prime reality TV fuckboi Michael. This mofo is the TV villain to end all TV villains. Megan asks Michael's mother why she didn't inform Megan that her son was married. Momma Michael keeps talking like she didn't hear it.
- Michael is out, he can breeve again
- M&M have a confrontation in a Flint parking lot
- Black Mormon Weave Lady Getting Fingerbanged in the $5 Car Wash spews some BS about Nyla and Stuck in a Cell, Belong in a City Lamar have a close relationship and she misses him. (Them kids don't like him.)
- She proceeds to cry and throw her cell phone into the bodega lime display. Don't feel bad for the heffa as she uprooted her children's lives for a motherfucker.
- Brittany has a lot on her plate while Misogylino is out here trying to be a poker playa
- Momma Clint is out here trying to avoid her daughter in law, Clint is trying to make excuses as to why he won't let Tracey visit
- Lizzie's Bubbies are trying on clothes for a date
- Scott who looks like a Bob's Burgers illustration fails miserably on his date and so does Lizzie and her Magnanimous Mammaries
- Michael justs want to eat his sandwich but reveals that he'd like to divorce Sarah's blaccent
- "I worked hord to get that cor"


This episode has been brought to you by Lizzie's red tank top strap working overtime to hoist up them bitties.

2019 BET Awards Performances

Tonight were the 2019 BET Awards with performances by Lil Nas X, Billy Ray Cyrus, Mary J. Blige, Cardi B, Offline, Lizzo, Fantasia, City Girls, Migos and more. Rihanna also presented the Lifetime Achievement Award to Queen Mary J. Blige tonight.

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Mary deserves!

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