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Pete Wentz <3 ONTD

From Peter's journal over at the official Fall Out Boy website:

December 20, 2006
"man, i hate how much i love lifetime movies. its like ill stay up all night just to watch the mom from family ties and the dad from the wonder years and see if their relationship in the crappy tv movie will work out.

finally, the video is out... weight off of our shoulders. so many people spent so much time on it with a very small budget.

the first thing i would like to say is that we got alot of questions in the q&a about if the guitar solo on the coffin was supposed to be about the guys in avenged sevenfold- and we just wanted to say not in the slightest. those guys lift weights and we're like 4 foot 7 inches. besides, we're going for a beef free year in 2007. it was more of a trohmaniacal ode to slash- i love writing self depricating humor so this video was fun for me.

the second being that i was sure the first thing when the song came out, even before the video- that the ohnotheydidnt community would be all over "this aint a peen, its a goddamned ____ ____" but i was suprised by the general positive reaction to the video over there. im guessing in part because "the fug guy who wont stop crying about stuff finally died in it".... haha. anyway, in general we are really thankful for the response of everyone for the video.

we really made this as a video for the fans- if you look close there are little inside jokes that go all the way back to "evening out with your girlfriend"- that being said. you guys are probably the only one who really get this video so please help us out by heading over to and voting or calling (if you can even still do that, ill find out), to keep it on the countdown. because we have three or four more videos planned- way different than this one, and the songs sound way different to me as well. cant wait for you to hear em.

more suprises and all soon in jan. and feb....

take care of yourselves."

For those of you that didn't see the video:Here is the original ONTD post

Source: falloutboyrock
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