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Nate Parker's Slave Revolt Movie Lauded @ Sundance World Premiere

- Nate Parker, known for The Great Debaters and Beyond the Lights, wrote/directed/produced 'The Birth of a Nation' and has worked on it over the last seven years.

- Parker stars as Nat Turner, the slave who led a 48-hour rebellion against his masters in 1831 in Virginia.

- The movie received multiple standing ovations today at Sundance.

- Deadline writer calls the film " one of the most emotional experiences I’ve had at a movie theater"

- writer also speculates that potential buyers were engaged in "fevered discussions" about the movie immediately after

- The Wrap says the comparisons to 12 Years a Slave are obvious, but 12 years is a better movie and Birth of a Nation felt like the first film it is.

- Notes that the film is extremely violent, but also timely.

(please note the image Variety chose to go along with the below Tweet smh)

- Author says he can't imagine Nate Parker not being a front-runner for Best Actor at the Oscars, even though it's over a year away.

- Calls the film "brutal and emotionally charged."

source 1 | 2
also, indiewire embedded a bunch of Twitter reactions from critics who attended the premiere.

what are you excited about coming out of sundance?
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