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ONTD Original: Who Is The Reigning Queen of Pop? ONTD Investigates

Who Is The Reigning Queen of Pop?
Madonna is the sitting Queen, Britney is the Eternal Princess but who is the reigning Queen of Pop?

I Investigate.
Lady Gaga

Number 1's - 3
Top 10 Hits - 13
Total Number of Singles - 23
Total Number of Studio Albums - 4
Total Number of #1 Studio Albums - 3

Definitive Song - "Bad Romance"
Definitive Performance - "Papparazi" at the 2009 VMA's
Alliances - Elton John, Terry Richardson
Competition - Beyonce, Katy Perry
Career Highlights - Her astronomical ascent during "The Fame" era, The ICONIC 2009 VMA's, "Bad Romance", Born This Way Ball, "Heavy Metal Lover", Her career surviving BTW and ARTPOP
Career Misses - The Music Video for "Alejandro", The Grammy's Egg, Jo Calderone, Dropping DaDa, Lori Ann Gibson & so on, ARTPOP, DWS, AHS, Her GG Win


  • Hitmaker

  • Songwriter

  • Adequate dancer

  • Visual Chameleon

  • Has an ear for hooks

  • Has the "I'm an actor" thirst that all pop queens should have

  • Eliminated Christina Aguilera from the Pop Olympics a year into her career

  • Support from the fashion community


  • Her lack of editing skills

  • Her ability to fuck up an amazing chorus with schlocky verses

  • Copying people but then saying she wasn't inspired by said person

  • Copying people

  • Leonardo Dicaprio

Where were you when this happened?

Underrated Bop:

Katy Perry

Number 1's - 9
Top 10 Hits - 13
Total Number of Singles - 21
Total Number of Studio Albums - 4
Total Number of #1 Studio Albums - 2

Definitive Song - "California Gurls"
Definitive Performance - N/A
Alliances - Rihanna, Robert Pattinson, FKA Twings
Competition - Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift
Career Highlights - "I Kissed A Girl", The "Teenage Dream" Era, Matched Michael Jackson's record becoming first female to have 5 Number 1s from a single album, "ET", "Dark Horse" (the song, not the video), Her not entertaining Taylor Swift
Career Misses - Extending TD for nearly 4 years and in the process making it nearly impossible to have the same success again, Russell Brand, John Mayer, Diplo, The Wig she wore to the 2014 MET Gala, "Dark Horse" (the video, not the song), The lack of top 10 singles from PRISM, "Do you ever feel like a plastic bag", "Part of Me" (video)


  • Hitmaker

  • Her live shows are dizzying and a visual smorgasbord

  • She doesn't take herself too seriously

  • She has created some of the best pop songs of the past 25 years

  • Her tone is instantly recognizable


  • She doesn't have the vocals to sustain an entire live show

  • A large portion of her catalogue has no depth

  • Has no memorable live performances

  • Has a questionable dating history

  • There was little to no musical growth from TD to Prism

Underrated Bop


Number 1's - 5
Top 10 Hits - 15
Total Number of Studio Albums - 5
Total Number of #1 Studio Albums - 5

Definitive Song - "Crazy In Love"
Definitive Performance - "End of Time" Live at Glastonbury
Alliances - Jay-Z, Destiny's Child, Nicki Minaj, Gwyneth Paltrow
Competition - Rihanna, Lady Gaga
Career Highlights - Das Tinas Child, "Crazy In Love", The Dangerously In Love Era, "Ring The Alarm" VMA Performance, Dreamgirls, Cementing her status in pop culture by marrying Jay-Z, Blue Ivy, Her Superbowl Performance, The Beyonce Album drop, Drunk in Love's Chorus
Career Misses - Stealing stuff, The Sasha Fierce Album, The costumes for the Sasha Fierce tour, "Beautiful Liar", "Obsessed", Not releasing "End of Time" as the first single off of "4"


  • An international hallmark of beauty

  • & Perfection

  • More disciplined than any of her peers

  • Best Live Female Performer of her generation


  • Thief

  • Perfected being perfect and flawless for too long and now wants to be more relatable

  • Her songs while great lack emotion

  • Her voice while technically amazing and flawless lacks personality and emotion

  • For her status her catalogue is lackluster

Underrated Bop


Number 1's - 13
Top 10 Hits - 26
Total Number of Studio Albums - 7
Total Number of #1 Studio Albums - 1

Definitive Song - "We Found Love"
Definitive Performance - Victoria Secret Fashion Show
Alliances - Jay-Z, Katy Perry, Drake
Competition - Beyonce, Lady Gaga
Career Highlights - "Pon De Replay", taking "SOS" from Christina Milian, "Umbrella", cutting her hair, The GGGB Era, leaving Chris Brown, her ascent as an international beauty icon, "We Found Love"
Career Misses - her vocals on "Unfaithful", ANTI


  • Beauty

  • Style

  • Hitmaker

  • Recognizable voice

  • Ear for good songs

  • Her Instagram


  • Her tone can be grating

  • She has questionable on-stage presence

  • She has a questionable dating history

  • She doesn't write her own songs

  • She doesn't dance

  • Her singing is questionable

  • A large portion of her discography lacks emotion

  • Aside from her singles, her album tracks are questionable in quality

  • ANTI

  • Will her discography hold up over time despite the stellar chart success


Number 1's - 4
Top 10 Hits - 5
Total Number of Studio Albums - 3
Total Number of #1 Studio Albums - 2

Definitive Song - "Someone Like You"
Definitive Performance - Someone Like You at The BRIT Awards 2011
Alliances - N/A
Competition - N/A
Career Highlights -
Career Misses - N/A


  • Beauty

  • Recognizable voice

  • Hits

  • Comedian

  • Record Breaker

  • An enigmatic quality

  • Minds her business


  • Her live vocals can be questionable

  • Her songs can be repetitive

  • Her success is built on emotions of others

  • Her videos are lowkey boring

Taylor Swift

Number 1's - 4
Top 10 Hits - 18
Total Number of Studio Albums - 5
Total Number of #1 Studio Albums - 4

Definitive Song - N/A
Definitive Performance - N/A
Alliances -
Competition - Katy Perry, Diplo, Justin Bieber, The Directioners
Career Highlights - Quick ascent to the top, Kanye, "Love Story", "You Belong To Me", a dating history that propelled ha, "Speak Now" cementing ha legacy, "RED"
Career Misses - Ha dating history propelling ha, she was basically flawless up until the 1989 era, ha newscaster married to a georgian state official hair, this


  • Wide appeal

  • Hits

  • An album seller

  • Moms love ha

  • Comes from money

  • Writes her own music

  • Plays the banjo or whatever


  • Vocals

  • Dancing

  • Style

  • Hair

  • Live Performances

  • Dating History

  • Tumblr

Ariana Grande

Number 1's - 0
Top 10 Hits - 6
Total Number of Studio Albums - 2
Total Number of #1 Studio Albums - 2

Definitive Song - "Break Free"
Definitive Performance -
Alliances - Frankie Grande
Competition - Selena Gomez, 5H, Demi Lovato, Poot Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Diction
Career Highlights - Nickelodeon hit, quick ascent, Scoot Braun at his peak, Problem-Break Free-Bang Bang, the My Everything Era
Career Misses - Frankie Grande, her original Yours Truly album cover, Donut-gate, her ponytail, Jamie Foxx, "Focus"


  • Hitmaker

  • Amazing Vocals

  • Growing stage presence

  • Theatre background

  • Cohesive albums

  • Minds her business


  • Donuts

  • Enunciation

  • Ha Ice Capades costume gift card

  • Live Performances can be lacking

  • Her Moonlight era so far

Lana Del Rey

Number 1's - 0
Top 10 Hits - 1
Total Number of Studio Albums - 3
Total Number of #1 Studio Albums - 1

Definitive Song - "Video Games"
Definitive Performance -
Alliances - James Franco
Competition - N/A
Career Highlights - "Video Games", "Born To Die", "Paradise Edition", "Ultraviolence", "Honeymoon"
Career Misses - SNL Performance


  • Beauty

  • Songwriter

  • The most consistent female performer of her generation

  • Lyrical Mastermind

  • Thorough

  • Adequate Live Performer

  • An Artists Artist

  • Minds her business


  • Her fans

Carly Rae Jepsen

Number 1's - 1
Top 10 Hits - 2
Total Number of Studio Albums - 3
Total Number of #1 Studio Albums - 0

Definitive Song - "Call Me Maybe"
Definitive Performance - N/A
Alliances - Good Pop
Competition - N/A
Career Highlights -,
Career Misses - The public not checking for ha after CMM


  • Great Songwriter

  • A student of pop music

  • Great pop lyricist

  • Great pop voice

  • White dont crack

  • "Run Away With Me"


  • Lackluster stage presence

  • Lackluster live voice

  • Scooter Braun

  • No Promotion

Source is me and the good sis Wikipedia
ONTD, Who is the true Queen of Pop?
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