Lena Dunham calls "establishment" criticism against Hillary Clinton "gendered"

In other white-feminists-selling-out-feminism news -- this instance, hiding behind feminism to derail valid criticism: Lena Dunham came to the defense of bourgeoisie feminist icon Hillary Clinton as the latter comes under attack for being too establishment. Dunham said, “I am so frustrated with the dialogue around Hillary among my peers. It feels so gendered, even from women, so harshly sexist. We never throw claims of too establishment or too stiff or even too selfish at male politicians. It’s unfair in the deepest sense.”

What does it mean to be "establishment" you ask? Being a part of an elitist body that wants to uphold the current status quo of imperialism/war, economic inequality, class divide, disenfranchisement, institutionalized racism, misogyny, homophobia and so on, and so forth. Sometimes you just gotta call a spade a spade, yanno? Incidentally, Bernie Sanders isn't going around calling Elizabeth Warren "establishment."