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Tyler Posey has nothing but love for Charlie Carver


King: Your former costar Charlie Carver announced in a poignant instagram that he was gay. Do you keep in touch with Charlie?

Posey: Absolutely.

King: Do you think this will affect... is he not in the cast anymore?

Posey: No, he's not. He and his twin brother left the show a couple seasons ago.

King: Have you spoken to him since the announcement?

Posey: No, I haven't. This is the first time I'm hearing about that. But I've known, I've definitely known because who can forget when Holland Roden inadvertently outed him ages ago. That's so great, man, oh my God. I had no idea.

King: Does it mean anything anymore? What does it mean to come out? Who cares?

Posey: I think it's getting easier and easier for people to do. Like the other day, I was driving by these two kids wearing backpacks in high school, and they were holding hands. Boys. And I loved it. I thought it was so cool, man.


What does it mean to come out, ONTD?

this post has been brought to you by tyler posey's tragic singing career:

Tags: lgbtq / rights, teen wolf (mtv), tyler posey
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