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Angie Bowie gives her outrageous account of doomed love with David

-Talks about how she allowed an open relationship because David used sex as currency in bids to get ahead in the industry, saying, "he used sex the way a cat marks its territory"
-Says David told her "I don't love you" before they were married and details an incident where David choked her when she had an argument with his assistant/mistress (??)
-She says that after their 1980 divorce, she was "airbrushed" out his life; he allegedly fired people who mentioned her name, blackballed her from the industry and removed her name from their son's list of contacts at school. She says all she wanted post-divorce was a relationship with her son & money until she established her career.
-Said David tricked her into going to Switzerland, where divorce terms were more favorable to him, by asking her to sort out his taxes there.
-One commenter suggested she's using this as an opportunity to reach out to her son, who hasn't spoken to her since his teens; Angie says she won't try to contact him now because he "obviously doesn't want things repaired"
-Initially thought his death was a hoax by Big Brother bosses for ratings


I have unshakable second-hand embarrassment from reading this, pls advise
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