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Hollywood completely fails the Bechdel test

To pass the Bechdel test, the film needs to fit three requirements:

#1 It has at least two women in it
#2 Who talk to each other, about
#3 Something besides a man

Seems like a low bar, but movies like ONTD’s favorite Avatar, Toy Story and Mr. and Mrs. Smith don’t pass the test.

Below are some graphics as example (if you go to the source, they are all interactive, roll over the picture and you will get name of the movie, people involved, etc)

When it comes to writing staff, here’s the truth:

The results consist of the 200 highest grossing films between 1995-2015

image host
image host
image host
oh wow, look at that. as you get more women in your writing team, more likely to pass the test.

Now these include all 4,000 films between 1995 - 2015
(when you go to the source, you will see that each bar represents a movie)

image host
image host
Tarantino, the feminist

”Why Inclusiveness Matters

When women are not visible on-screen, we reinforce stereotypes off-screen. Hollywood is promoting a culture of female invisibility, where women can’t save the planet, win the big game, or fight the bad...wait for it...guy. Instead, they’re props who can only gab about men.”

When it comes to studios, European studios are way more progressive, especially in France. Canal+, for example, has about 200 films in their database and 'only' 34% fail the Bechdel Test.

Three US studios as example:
Columbia: 53%, 156 films
DreamWorks: 55%, 99 films
Walt Disney: 43%, 105 films

US studios that pass the green bar: Miramax, Weinstein, Dimension and only a few others.

Things haven’t changed much since 1995. Back then there were 18% women as directors, producer and writers, today it’s at 17%.

Source also mentions Spike Lee’s idea to use the Rooney Rule to change things a bit.

source 1 (tweet)
source 2 (the results)
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