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Star Wars News: Working Title & Whistleblower Spills the T on THAT Rey Merchandising Controversy

Following on from the Pathetic Flimsy Excuses of toy companies (such as ‘Has-Bro’) regarding the general lack of Rey [No Current Last Name] merchandise, and the market saturated by emo manchild Kylo Ren (known also by ONTD geneticists everywhere as "Surely He Can’t Be Related To THEM!") merch from toys to clothes to homewares, an Industry Insider lifts the lid on bullshit nonsense glorified spoiler cut claims.

The Insider spoke to Sweatpants & Coffee on the condition of anonymity lest the Disney Hit Squad come kill them in the night, stating that despite the claims that leaving saviour of us all, Mother of Droids, Reysus Christ out of mass merchandising was due to keeping us all 'spoiler free', it was in fact entirely deliberate and a symptom of outdated gendered thinking.

tl;dr - it was somehow thought that consumers would relate more to Kylo Ren than Rey, and companies were deliberately instructed to exclude Rey from key merchandising.

{Come on in for this paraphrased exposé on why all you can find to spend your hard earned Galactic Credits on is some First Order propaganda...}Collapse )

-In other news, the working title of Future ONTD Critics Awards 2017 Film of the Year Star Wars: Episode VIII has been (possibly) revealed.

{What Could It Possibly Be?}Collapse )
 photo space bear_zps4cz8dnof.png

Sources: Sweatpants & Coffee & Trusted Reviews

Hope this is ok now, Mods!
Are you or the children you know victims of gendered toy socialisation, ONTD?
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