Size 16 reality star posts fat positive selfie, says she loves her body

-Someone told me "Mar you're losing weight...." I said "Really? You think so? I eat a burger, fries and pizza like everyday..." LOL Why does size matter? Big or small.... I love my LOVE handles! I don't care about having abs or eating a salad everyday. I do believe in taking healthier days and balance. I #celebratemysize everyday! I love my curves and body. If I want to lose weight it will be a personal choice and it shouldn't matter to anyone else but me. 😘 #imnoangel#plusisequal#effyourbeautystandards#bigwomenbiglove
-32 y/o Mar Ortiz stars on Lifetime's Big Women: Big Love
-FB comments are split between "concern for her health/glorifying obesity" and "if she's happy good for her"
-The post has been shared more than 35,000 times