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Alan Rickman Had Been Suffering From Pancreatic Cancer for Less Than 5 Months Before Death

- It is suspected that ''he may have suffered a small stroke'' in August 2015 ''that led doctors to the cancer diagnosis.''
- ''His decline was rapid after that.''
- ''He apparently concealed his diagnosis from all but close confidants.''
- He hadn't told some friends until around December ''and kept an upbeat demeanour even weeks before his death.''
- Many of his neighbours say he didn't look ill: ''He always smiled and said hello... I saw him before Christmas and he looked normal. I had no idea about the cancer.''
- He may not have known how advanced his illness was until just a few weeks ago as, later this month, he ''was scheduled to give a talk at his old school, Latymer Upper.''
- Sky News recently filmed a tribute for him at Latymer, interviewing staff, who eagerly shared some rare photos of him from his youth (aged 14-late teens) during his time there as well as at Chelsea College of Arts and had the chance to speak with one of their former pupils, 19-year-old Benedict Clarke (young Severus Snape in Deathly Hallows: Part 2) who fondly recalled some behind-the-scenes stories of the late actor.

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I want to cry. Cancer is striking so fucking hard this year. Edit: Never mind. Every year. ;___;

On a related note, I'm glad this post allowed people to open up about their heartbreaking losses to the evils of merciless cancer. My heart and thoughts go out to all of you. ♥

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