nasty woman (christen_press) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
nasty woman

Hailey Baldwin tells Bieber he better commit or her uncle Alec will get him+unreleased Bieber song

While Harry and Kendall plan to move in together, Hailey Baldwin is also locking down her relationship, telling Bieber that he better treat her right or she's dumping him.

Hailey is also telling Justin to shape up or her uncle Alec will get involved. Hailey Baldwin Hailey Baldwin's assistant A source says, "He has improved drastically and her father is a fan of Justin but she has warned him that he doesn’t want the ire of her uncle (Alec). Alec would shut down the relationship real fast if Justin ever does anything stupid in the future."

This made Justin realize Hailey was the girl for him, not to mention that Hailey is stunning and has studied Ballet her entire life! The Vanilla Ice understudy even calls her his "ballerina."

Song won't embed so you can listen here.

ONTD, do you get family members involved in your relationship?
Tags: alec baldwin, justin bieber, models, nobody

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