The “Carol” Oscars Snub: The Problem Isn’t Lesbians, It’s Misandry

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Not only it's all white, but it's also very male and straight

- 'Carol' has its own wiki page for all the noms it has received so far; the Academy can nominate up to 10 movies, only nominated 8 and snubbed the movie (it has a weird voting system)

- Had 'Carol' been nominated, it would be the first queer movie that doesn't end in tragedy to be nominated for BP

- All Academy members vote for Best Picture. Voter population consists of 76% male, 94% white and an average of 63 years old.

- They have a problem with films that do not center on male experience, just take a look at most of the actual nominees. Men overlook the film because they cannot see themselves in it.

- Last lesbian movie nominated: The Kids Are All Right (two moms working on the family relationship... around a man)

- Todd Haynes refused to put men as the center of the story. The women have no need for them and the audience is put to laugh at them, not with them. Harge, Carol’s husband, is a controlling asshole. Richard, Therese’s boyfriend, really wants to go to France or something.

- "the root of homophobia is sexism"