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Louis Tomlinson Has A Heart of Gold

- Louis has always been charitable but opts to keep his generosity on the down low.
- A mother of one of the kids Louis has helped, Sarah, has decided to speak out following a lot of bad press for Louis and family.
- When Louis suffers from bad press, Louis tells him mum Jay: ‘Come on mum, lets make someone happy today.’ according to Sarah.
- Sarah has twin boys, Harvey and Spencer, who were born with Down Syndrome. Harvey was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of childhood cancer just before the twins' fifth birthday.
- First encounter was in December 2014 at a London Zoo for a Believe in Magic party. Louis’ mom Jay represented her son as Louis had X Factor commitment that day.
- Louis is a patron of Believe in Magic and it has been reported that Louis has donated $3 million of his own money for said charity.
- Jay kept in touch with the family and in August 2015 they attended the Cinderella Ball held at the Natural History Museum in London as Louis' guests.
- For the Cinderella Ball, Louis arranged for the family to stay at the fancy Langham Hotel, had the twins fitted for Ralph Lauren suits, and gave their sister, Olivia, a silk dress.
- Louis later in the year arranged for about 10 Believe in Magic families, including Harvey's family, to go on holiday at Disneyland Paris where all the kids were given a suitcase each of clothes.
- Harvey's family was also special guests during One Direction's London concert and went backstage to meet 1D. Louis gave the kids gifts and also arranged a green room for the family if it all got too much for the boys.
- The family then went to a Believe In Magic party in Hamley’s toy store.
- Jay, with Louis’ sisters Daisy and Phoebe, also visited Harvey at home where Louis gifted Olivia with a Pandora bracelet along with many toys for the twins.
- Harvey passed away at the end of November 2015 and Louis posted a photo of Harvey on Twitter with the caption: “Fly high buddy x”.
- Now that Harvey is gone, Louis has offered to treat the family to a Centre Parcs holiday when they are ready.

We love shitting on Louis but can we at least acknowledge how generous he is, ONTD?
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