Ken Kratz claims he's received 3,000 death threats due to 'Making a Murderer'

Kratz claims that while he has no problem with people questioning cases and looking into the criminal justice system he believes that viewers of Making a Murderer have gone too far. According to Kratz he has received almost 3,000 emails of which "most are insulting in nature". He claims that several of them have made death threats against his family and threatening to rape his daughter.

He then goes on to talk about how a package that was sent to the office exploded only to then be like oh well it was actually a glitter bomb. The glitter bomb allegedly caused "significant damage to [their] office equipment". Kratz finds it disturbing that people are attacking him personally and doesn't seem to understand why they would do this.

Nancy Grace, who said the evidence against Avery was overwhelming and doesn't seem to understand that the real issue is actually the criminal justice system, got on her high horse and asked "Is Netflix going to make a documentary about this?" A ten part docu-series about a glitter bomb sounds totally reasonable after all.

Interestingly enough, Grace is so busy condemning viewers and insisting that the convictions shouldn't be overturned she doesn't seem to care that Kratz abused his position of power to sexually harass and take advantage of domestic abuse victims. Glitter is the real offensive thing in this situation.