New Tom Daley And Dustin Lance Black Spread For Out Magazine

For Out Magazine's The Love Issue, DLB and Tom Daley discuss how they first fell in love.

- Basically, they met through a mutual friend's dinner. DLB was there because he got blown off by JJ Abrams; Tom was in town for the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.

- DLB thought Tom was straight until they started eyefucking each other across the table. Tom put his number in DLB's phone when he left with a ;). They talked for a few hours the next day, then hooked up the next night in Tom's hotel room.

- DLB says it's Tom's ambition that he's attracted to the most, and that their drive to be at the top of their respective fields is what makes them compatible. They made their relationship official after 2 months at Tom's 19th birthday party.

- Much more at the source about the development of their relationship, when they knew it was meant to be, who popped the question, and the rest of the photos from the shoot.

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