Did Adele save the music industry from flopping in 2015?

- Adele sold 7.4M copies of her album “25” in the U.S., almost four times as many as the second-best-selling album, Taylor Swift’s “1989". Overall though, the music industry posted mixed results, according to Nielsen.

-Combined sales of CDs and album downloads declined 6% from 2014, to 241.4 million units, while sales of individual song downloads plummeted more than 12% to 964.8 million

-Users of streaming including Spotify and Google Play, listened to 144.9 billion songs, an 83% increase from 2014.
-Music consumption on YouTube and other online video services doubled to 172.4 billion

-Nielsen said overall consumption rose 15% in 2015


Billboard needs to update their methodology on streaming tbh.