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Britney confirms changes to Vegas show - for reals this time + Dave Grohl, Selena Gomez, Marc Jacobs

After the post and delete fiasco a couple of days ago Britney herself finally confirmed that there will be changes in store this February when her Piece of Me show returns after a month long hiatus.

Some pictures from her latest shows, she's in great shape

New Las Vegas Billboard

Another celeb stopped by to check out the Queen of Vegas;
Rocker Dave Grohl attended on of Britney's shows this past week

Selena Gomez talks about her first concert experience + album purchase:

Marc Jacobs wants to dress Britney?

He tweeted this recently but we all know Ms. Spears is a slave to Target ™ fashions.


What songs would you like to see added and/or cut from the setlist?

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marc jacobs source / show pictures source
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