Celebrities attend White House announcement of gun control actions

Obamas place with 2 wizards and a wale

Back at the house 🔵🌙

President Obama signed some important gun control Executive Orders today and some celebs were in attendance at his speech. Amy Schumer, rapper Wale and Washington Wizards players Bradley Beal and Alan Anderson attended the announcement.

Random fact: Amy Schumer is a second cousin of Sen. Chuck Schumer, and they have been working together to get gun control legislation enacted.

President Obama signed 5 Executive Orders today to try to get some sort of gun control in this country. Among the things he ordered:
- expanded background checks for online purchases of guns,
- hiring additional FBI agents to process background checks,
- increased funding for mental healthcare.
- gun manufacturers have to report guns that get lost or stolen before they are sold,
- Directed DOD, DOJ and Homeland Security to begin researching technology for 'smart' guns with enhanced safety features.

You can read more about it HERE.

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Its about time. Now if only our useless Congress would take this even further. What say you, ONTD?