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Britney got stuck in the "Toxic" Tree

Britney on Platform

Britney on Platform, realizing she's stuck (or, that's what I'm choosing to believe that facial expression is)

Link to full video of events

Clip of just afterward, she still has the harness on.

A minute or so later, harness is finally off.

Summary of Incident for People Unwilling/Unable to Watch the Video:
It's not that dramatic.

Basically, the hydraulic thing that's supposed to lift her up, swing her out over the crowd, then drop her safely down decided to do exactly none of those things.

Since the line wouldn't retract, she couldn't go up; and it wouldn't extend, so she couldn't go down.

The sound techs just repeat the chorus and she keeps lip synching and writhe-dancing or whatever that is while a Peter Jackson impersonator stage hand runs up to unhook her, then she flounces down the stairs, harness still on.
She is then greeted by some backup dancers, who help her ~make an entrance when the aforementioned sound techs played her cues.

Britney's End-of-Leg Tweet was a clip of "Freakshow"

Last show of #PieceOfMe as you know it!! Looking forward to shaking things up! pic.twitter.com/1tKtv9Wpzp

— Britney Spears (@britneyspears) January 4, 2016

Image #1: Instagram @elskaminn
Image #2: Instagram @britney.rus
Video #1: Instagram @andyworld11
Video #2: Instagram @andyworld11
Video #3: Instagram @britney_army_forever

Tweet: @BritneySpears

Text description provided by me.

Poor-quality gif of what didn't happen. For reference, or some shit.
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