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South African Chief criticizes Beyoncé's alleged Saartjie Baartman project

In case you missed the post yesterday, Beyoncé is allegedly not only starring in but writing a film about Saartjie Baartman. This is following news in December that she had been taking acting lessons and was "looking for an iconic dramatic role" and that she wanted to "make a film that’s socially relevant to African American rights."

ONTD wasn't alone in questioning this project as last night Chief Jean Burgess, a chief of the Ghonaqua First Peoples, was questioned by News24 in South Africa about the superstar taking on the project.

"She lacks the basic human dignity to be worthy of writing Sarah's story, let alone playing the part," Chief Burgess told News24.

She also questioned if Beyoncé considered how the movie would affect the KhoiKhoi women who are alive today referring to the potential film as "a mistake of great magnitude". She continued questioning why Beyoncé chose Baartman as the subject of the film, claiming that Beyoncé had no right to tell her story.

"I can only see arrogance in her attempt to tell a story that is not her’s to tell," she stated.

Chief Burgess along with Gamtkwa Khoisan Council member Kobus Reichert don't seem to have a problem with a movie about Baartman existing. They expressed that they feel the subject matter needs to be handled with respect and understanding of the culture and that the community of the Eastern Cape should be involved, things they don't necessarily think will happen with Beyoncé taking the lead.

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