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MRAs Said They Made SW Lose $$. Now comes the part where we throw our heads back and laugh. Ready?


  • MRAs attempted to organize a boycott of The Force Awakens, claiming that a film that acknowledges that women and people of color exist and can act in movies amounts to “SJW Propaganda.”

  • According to them, is estimating that The Force Awakenslost $4.2 million because of our reporting.

  • The "science" behind this number? They extrapolated the results of a 565-person informal poll by their site’s roughly estimated monthly users, multiplied by average ticket price.

Of course Forbes has the facts that this is obviously bullshit, showing how bad these fuckers are at everything but specially at math.

Ah, by the way, A YOUNG WOMAN and a BLACK YOUNG MAN, the main leads of SW:VII are in Forbes' 30 Under 30:


I never seen someone or a group getting told so hard like this before
It's glorious
Tags: fail, john boyega, race / racism, sexism, star wars

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