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Did Bristol Palin lie about her ("disappointing") pregnancy timeline?

Well shit, here we go again. Internet sleuths~ have figured out that Bristol Palin's third fourth second kid, who was allegedly born on December 23rd, was actually born November 4th, and is the result of a one-night stand the Palins are covering up, for some reason.

In a nutshell, people are theorizing Bristol Palin got knocked up in Vegas last year around the time she was complaining about "the night that ruined her life..." all before her Medal of Honor winning fiance suddenly appeared to propose to her and fix all her problems...and just as quickly, was gone. Hmmmmm.

Around the time the bb was supposedly being born, there was nothing on Bristol's ~faith blog~ at all. Nothing for 48 hours on any Palin social media. Then suddenly, a black and white pic of Todd and Sarah holding the kid, but it was posted not from Alaska where they allegedly were to see the baby, but from New Orleans, where Sarah is probably dealing with her crumbling financial situation.

The pic of Bristol's second first kid Tripp holding his new sister allegedly taken on Xmas eve is also apparently a lie, and according to his stepmom's Facebook, Tripp was with his dad's family that day. Hm.

ALLEGEDLY the hospital tag on Bristol was dated 11/4/15. The new one on Sarah's FB page has the date whited out. But here's the enhanced original.

More theories are in this blog post if anyone wants.

The source I summarized is Addicting Info, mods.

Regardless, the Palins are garbage and I feel sorry for that bb girl. Mods, I fixed the one hotlinked image!
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