Rachel Platten's second single soars into iTunes Top 5 while Adele's second single stalls in mid 20s

It seems that the general public has made a resolution this New Year to be more positive and forward-thinking: Rachel Platten's uplifting second single "Stand By You" is currently #5 on the iTunes Top 200 songs sales chart, while Adele's depressing second single "When We Were Young" stalls at #23. Platten, who just released her major label debut album "Wildfire" on New Years Day, followed up her encouraging smash hit single "Fight Song" with another song that also has a positive message.

Generally during the New Year, people want to hear words of encouragement and support while they positively look ahead: they do not want to be reminded of all the fun they used to have, but can't have anymore now that they're old and decrepit. An example of this can be seen by Rachel Platten's "Fight Song" being one spot ahead of Adele's "When We Were Young" at #22.

Source: iTunes Top Songs chart

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