The mystery of Margot Robbie's age is finally solved

The latest ‘it’ girl Margot Robbie, from Queensland, Australia is taking Hollywood by storm, she started out on the Aussie soap, Neighbours, and is now starring opposite celebs such as Will Smith, Leonardo DiCaprio and the like.

Margot claims she is 25, but an article from SMH in 2008 states she was [cue the I KNEW IT comments]23 then which means she is now 30.

Excerpt from the article:

"The fresh crop of Neighbours actors was in Sydney yesterday. One of the newest, Margot Robbie, had her first appearance on air on Monday, playing a groupie with stalker tendencies. The 23-year-old actress from the Gold Coast opted to attend a Sex And The City: The Movie screening instead of staying home to watch the episode."