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Best of ONTD 2015: Nominations Post!

Categories are located under the cut with brief descriptions. There will be 3 posts, one for nominations, one for voting, and the results post. Please do not go OT with the comments as I will have to sort through them to finalize nominees for the polls. I will be choosing the top 5 nominees I receive for each category for the voting post.

Comeback of the year
any celeb you felt made a comeback this year. Maybe they were away from the spotlight for awhile or they were down and out, but 2015 proved to be a huge year for them.

Letdown of the year
any celeb/movie/album/etc that you feel let you down this year. Found out your fav was problematic? didn't get that album you've been waiting for? that anticipated movie sucked?

Best Scandal Name
This one is self-explanatory. What is the best scandal name that ONTD came up with in 2015.

Scandal of the year
These were the gifts that kept on giving or the most shocking revelations of 2015.

Meme/gif of the year
Your fav memes/gifs of the year. Please post the actual images in the comments.

Comment of the year
Also self-explanatory. What was the best comment made on a ONTD post this year? I don't need a screenshot of it, but it would be helpful if one was included.

Most Devastating Break-up of 2015
any celeb couple that called it quits that left you questioning "is true love dead?"

Celeb who should be Banned in 2016
Any celeb in 2015 you feel should be banned from ONTD in the new year.

ONTD member of the year
Which member do you think is the funniest, smartest, most outrageous, etc?

Messiest Celeb of 2015
any celeb that consistently showed their ass or aired their dirty laundry this year. Not to be confused with villain of the year, the messiest celeb *may* be somewhat still likable or they have quite a few stans left on ONTD.

Movie of the year
best movie released in 2015

TV Show of the year
best TV show of 2015

Song of the year
best song of 2015

Album of the year
best album of 2015

Athlete of the year
best athlete of 2015

Video Game of the Year
LATE ADDITION! best video game released in 2015

Villain of the Year
The most vile celebs posted about on ONTD in 2015. These are celebs with no redeeming qualities.

Celeb of the year
Your fav celebrity of the year.

Thread of the year
LATE ADDITION! any thread that you thought was amazing. Please provide a link to the thread!

Post of the Year
Which ONTD post really brought everyone together and showed the true spirit of ONTD? Please include a link if you can.

    How to nominate:

  • Please wait to nominate until I have added all categories in the comments section.

  • Reply to my original comment (that has the category in the subject line) if you would like to nominate something/someone. Please try to check and make sure if your choice for a given category has already been submitted. Any duplicate threads will be deleted.

  • If you agree with someone else's nomination...reply to it with a +1.

Nominations will be live until tomorrow, December 28th at noon (Central Standard Time).

I wasn't sure if anyone would be doing a year end best of post this year...figured I would lend a hand. I know it isn't much, but a lot of members look forward to the year end polls. Have fun!

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