Taylor Swift, Defender of Artists' Rights™, steals* art from New Orleans artist



- Taylor Swift used an illustration of a fox by artist Ally Burguieres without credit or compensation on her social media platforms while promoting her latest album, 1989

- Swift's team pulled down the offending post after Burguieres initially contacted them, but it took "months" for her to receive any private acknowledgement of wrongdoing or compensation.

- Swift's team offered her a deal that mentioned no credit to her as the creator of the design and a 4-figure payment - with the stipulation that Burguieres would have to donate the entire payment.

- Drags ha to filth in her last paragraph:

"I have no ill will towards you, and I appreciate the theoretical virtue of your stance as a defender of art and intellectual property. I simply hope to see your actions fall more in line with the values you claim to hold."

The full letter:


What kind of hubris. . . when will artists learn they can't pull this kind of shit anymore in our call-out culture?
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