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New York Magazine Profiles R. Kelly

  • He has a team that tells him when the McRib is back b/c it's his fave.

  • He carries around multiple phones and facetimes with a girl who apparently wears makeup to bed

  • He doesn't know exactly what his transgender son is, but he loves him no matter b/c he's his child and he didn't misgender him so that's something.

  • When a video tape surfaced of Kelly having sex with and urinating into the mouth of an allegedly underage girl, his lawyer defended him by saying someone superimposed his face onto another man's body and referenced the Marlon Wayans movie Little Man in his argument.

  • His fans defend him by saying, "He don’t do anything lots of other men don’t do. But because it’s R. Kelly, I’m supposed to be mad about it? There’s a lot of fast girls out there looking for a come-up.”
  • There have been dozens of lawsuits against him, and he's settled out of court on a number of them. Jim DeRogatis conjectures that nothing's stuck to him because he allegedly targeted inner-city black girls, and white people consequently "did not give a fuck."

So, ONTD, do you separate the man and the music? Do you still sing "I'm a Flirt" at karaoke?

Tags: magazine covers and articles, music / musician (r&b and soul)
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