The biggest SAG awards film snubs this year, including Jen Lawrence, Will Smith, Sly & more

The SAG AWARDS nominations were announced this morning, and it was a weird as fuck list. Some of the biggest names buzzed for this season were totally shut out.

Biggest snubs:
-- Jennifer Lawrence for Best Actress in 'Joy'
-- Will Smith for Best Actor in 'Concussion'
-- Matt Damon & everything related to 'The Martian'
-- Everything related to 'The Hateful Eight'
-- Sylvester Stallone as Supporting Actor for 'Creed'
-- 'Mad Max' in general (except stunts)

Surprises and baffling nominations:
-- Sarah Silverman as Best Actress in a movie for 'I Smile Back'
-- Helen Mirren's two nominations???
-- 'Spotlight' getting mostly snubbed (especially for Michael Keaton and Mark Ruffalo)
-- 'Trumbo' in general kicking ass?

There's more at the source at TV snubs and surprises:

GOLDEN GLOBE NOMINATIONS TOMORROW! Maybe that won't be random and all over the place...