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ONTD Original: Moments in Music - Asian Cultural Appropriation

Katy Perry 1
Many times musicians have used asian culture, stereotypes and such to change their image, to become 'exotic' or whatever. This post is a look at who have done so, it's not a complete list because I don't have time for that but its a start.

Here is a list of some offenders, update that encyclopedia problematica if you want, i aint touching it.

cmdildvdryang9 jpg Click to see more photos
Christina Milian
Best known for being uncredited for singing the hook for Jlo's 'Play', Ms Milian had a music video for 'Dip It Low' in which she has an asian-themed party.

Sexualising what appears to be a western take on cultural clothing, making a god damn fool of herself rolling around in ink, having guys dressed in martial arts uniform, a gong in the background of her asian-themed party. Asians in this music video=0

nicki minaj your love video 590x332
Nicki Minaj

Nicki is learning martial arts, the clothing she wears has no origin as its a mix of Shaolin monk and a karate gi, the beads woren by the instructor are buddhist. She then appears in a bikini-kimono (geisha did not show skin), with chopsticks in her hair and THAI fingernail extensions. She appears in a white kimono as well, although more accurate, she has sexualised them with visible boobies. Also that duel near the end :/

Nicki stated in an interview that the MV was inspired by Japanese themes....the text blasting at you is Korean. The man at the start speaks in Konglish welcoming Nicki to the stage. The asian audience all looks the same, are stiff, robotic and move as together (what kinda NK artpop). Also the Korean flashing on screen is really bad, its like they used google translate. (the structure of a sentence in korean is usually Noun-Object-Verb, so something like 'I like penis' will be structured as 'I penis like' but...it seems they didn't bother to do that and just put the words in the structure of an english sentence)

kylie minogue als geisha im bildband kylie fashi
Kylie Minogue
During her 2008 KylieX tour, she had a projection in which is 3 minutes of her being a mess. Chopsticks in her hair, low dipping kimono, waving her arms around like she is doing some kinda dance. Theres falling Sakura petals, a sun parasol. Oh what is that song called you ask? Sometimes Samurai.

Gwen Stefani

You may remember her appropriating ways during her Harajuku girls era, they were not allowed to speak in public, did not have individual identities, nor were they given names instead she NAMED them after her clothing line. She never apologized for it nor did she regret it, instead she stated that it was a "pingpong" match, they took some of her culture and she took some of theirs. She has also woren the bindi and henna, although the Indian community is split about whether or not it is offensive, students have offered henna tattoos on campus to invite them to learn about their culture.

Britney Spears
Known for her inability to bend her knees, Britney uses bastardised Japanese attire as costume

Starts around 1:21:45
In the final act of her concert, she wears a "kimono"....surrounded by ninjas

Nothing Really Matters Music Video madonna 29943

Serial offender of many things, Madonna has used Asian culture for many years. She appeared on the 1999 Grammys in a kimono and also performed in said kimono while her Asian dancers in the back hug what looks like a sex balloon. This is also the case in the MV for the song.

Her asian dancers also strike 'martial' arts poses in the MV for 'Hung Up', oh look there is also a grown woman dressed as a Japanese schoolgirl!

katy perry 2
Katy Perry
TRUE MESS, there is so much ammo I cbf linking it. This woman straight up said she wants to skin Japanese people and wear them as fashion.

That one time she performed in mashup of traditional chinese/japanese clothing at the AMAs.
Yellowface was very present, even in her dancers, see 1 2
Perry has appropriated several culturals, some not asian see 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

selena gomez mtv movie awards 650 430
Selena Gomez
♬If ya read Come and appropriate it, nah nah nah nah♪

Semi-tone deaf chantuese decided to use Indian culture for her song 'Come & Get it', the song features a guy singing at the start in an Indian dialect (I'm not sure which, dont kill me pls <3),  attempted belly dancing, bindis and much more. She states that the song as a Hindu/TRIBAL feel, she states it was ok for her to use the culture because she has been learning about her :chakras, bindis & stuff"

It doesn't stop there, Selena did something similar to what Nicki did. In 'Love You Like A Love Song' She performs at a karaoke bar, a woman introduces her as 'SeRena Gomez'. The video also features subtitles in Japanese.

rihanna cheers

#ANTI asian and rihtiree collabrotrated with Coldplay on their song 'Princess of China'. The music video was a god damn mess but lets start with the song. Lyrically the song as 0% to do with anything related to a Princess of China, no instruments of chinese origin was used. Nothing at all had anything to do with China, so the title was only placed to be edgy is the only conclusion I can come up with.

The MV, lordy lordy lordy. The video begins in an Chinese themed opening card (you usually see these at the start of really old chinese movies) then a shot of Riri doing the 1000 hands dance is shown. A ugly white man appears and proceeds to screech out the songs lyrics, he is walking up to what appears to be a taken on the Forbidden City. Rihanna is then seen laying down in thigh high heels, sexualised robe-thingy, she looks like she really really wants this white man's dick. An asian man in what appears to be wearing a Japanese samurai mask called a menpo.

We see a shot inside the palace, chinese laterns, a woman is seen doing something that could be related to the 1000 hands dance or a Thai dance or referencing a Hindu goddess. White man fights ninja except ninjas are Japanese not Chinese.

Rihanna is then seen with the finger extensions, chopsticks in her hair. Although not correctly Japanese, the look is closer to that than to what Chinese women wore at that time. These 2 fools are then seen flying around fighting.

The last scene shows Rihanna flailing around in a the outfit she was lounging in before while Japanese taiko drummers play in the background. The outfit is a sexualised version of the ones in this video.

Lets not forgot that 'rick cake' lyric, Riri.

Source: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

ONTD, has your fav appropriated someone else's culture for their own gain? Are you shocked, appalled? Will you renounce your stan card?
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