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ONTD Original: 5 Times 2015 Delivered The Goods

2015 has been a wild ride for celebrity news, scandals and gossip, and ONTD has loved every minute of it. Here's a look back at five of the biggest stories of 2015.

1. Zayn leaves One Direction

On March 25th, Zayn Malik announced via a Facebook post that he was leaving the world's biggest boyband to have some quality me-time and make #realmusic. Directioners were heartbroken (#CutForZayn), the rest of the world wasn't surprised / didn't care.

The months that followed included hilariously petty sparring between Zayn and his temporary BFF Naughty Boy, and 1D's resident rat Louis Tomlinson.

ONTD Post (I highly recommend reading the comments; some of our best work):

Four more + honorary mentionsCollapse )

ONTD, what was your favourite scandal / story of 2015?

This is dedicated to all of you wonderful ONTDers who made 2015 so much more fun for me! Happy Holidays!

Sources: My brain, ONTD archive, Zayn / Dolezal / Taylor / Katy / Nicki

Mods, let me know if the tweets don't embed correctly.
Tags: award show - mtv vmas, kardashian / jenner, katy perry, list, miley cyrus, music / musician, nicki minaj, one direction, race / racism, sports / athletes - basketball, taylor swift, zayn malik

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