ANTI Updates: Rih Still in the Studio, Sending Fans on Scavenger Hunt For Unknown Rihson

-Rih's assistant Jennfier Rosales instagrammed a pic last night (above) from inside what appears to be a recording studio.
-Producer Kuk Harrell, who has been working on ANTI, also instagrammed a pic yesterday (under the cut) of him in a studio - captioning 'I got work to do!"
-The new theory is that the album isn't done yet, and doesn't have a known release date in mind. The ANTI world tour kicks off in February because of contractual obligations but nobody knows if the album will be ready before the tour starts.

For the ANTIdiaRy promo campaign, Rihanna is now sending fans on a scavenger hunt to collect keys and clues. Nobody knows what any of this means and it is unclear if there will actually be any sort of payoff for fans who spent hours yesterday searching for these rooms and keys.

Rih put up some pop-up 'rooms' across the country, and gave some clues to fans. Fans who found the rooms received keys that they were told to hang on to.