Friday Night Lights post! Connie Britton pushes for FNL reunion and Taylor Kitsch at Rangers game

It has been almost 10 years since Friday Night Lights premiered but it is very rare that any of the former cast members of Friday Night Lights can make it through an interview without being asked if they'd like to see a FNL reunion happen. Connie Britton weighed in when she recently sat down with Vulture and was asked if she'd like to see a Friday Night Lights movie or a reunion season on Netflix:

"[Sighs dreamily.] I would, I just would. Listen, I love that world. I love those characters. I love those actors. I so understand the argument that it's already done and we ended it perfectly. I get all that. Yet I feel like if Pete wanted to do it, that would mean that he had an idea that was good enough and worth doing. I don't believe that he does, which is why I think it's kind of another point. But if that was the case and he had an idea and it was worth doing, I would be onboard 100 percent."

Also, Taylor Kitsch growing out the Riggins the New York Rangers game with a friend and Mets pitcher, Matt Harvey. Takes a picture with just about everybody.

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