Gaga on Pop Stars: "If talent isn’t the thing, then you are way off-base”

Why Gaga almost quit being a pop star

This was the year Lady Gaga proved herself as more than just a meat dress-wearing pop star. With her acclaimed "Sound of Music" tribute at the Oscars, she held her own with jazz icon Tony Bennett, and landed a starring role on "American Horror Story: Hotel."

“This is the year I did what I wanted instead of trying to keep up with what I thought everyone else wanted from me.” Her change in career trajectory came at just the right moment. Last year, after dealing with backlash for her 2013 album ARTPOP, she says she considered giving up on being a pop star entirely.

“At the end of 2014, my stylist asked, ‘Do you even want to be a pop star anymore?’" she recounted. "I looked at him and I go, ‘You know, if I could just stop this train right now, today, I would. I just can’t. [But] I need to get off now because I’m going to die.’"

“I think for Adele it is (good enough just being an artist). I think for Bruno Mars it is. But that’s what I learned from working with Tony: If talent isn’t the thing, then you are way off-base.”

It’s knowledge she plans to embrace and change in her artistry when entering a new decade.

“My birthday is in March, so these are the last moments of my twenties,” she says. “I want to show women they don’t need to try to keep up with the 19-year-olds and the 21-year-olds in order to have a hit. Women in music, they feel like they need to f****** sell everything to be a star. It’s so sad. I want to explode as I go into my thirties."

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