Joanna Angel, James Deen’s Ex-Girlfriend Speaks Out: ‘I Thought, I’m Going to Die Here’

With the number of women accusing James Deen of sexual assault rising to five on Wednesday (refer to this buzzfeed article for all victim's accounts), adult actress and ex-girlfriend of the porn star Joanna Angel spoke out on his capacity for violence throughout their six-year relationship.

1) Deen choked Angel in her sleep

2) When things didn’t go well on set, he took his anger out on Angel

3) At parties he was charming, but in private he was a “monster”

4) He feared being known by his true identity

5) He treated women like objects despite being considered a feminist

6) He nearly drowned her in a sink

7) He was controlling of every aspect of their relationship, especially sex

More (very graphic) details at the second source.