There's still someone out there willing to defend James Deen

-retired porn actor/radio show host Lisa Ann defended James Deen, saying the actor is “beside himself”, he's "freaking out, he’s horrified, he’s sad, and the tabloids are harassing his family”, and that Deen has “never had anybody say anything bad about him in the business.” “It’s so heartbreaking.”

-met Dean when he was 19 and new to the business, she was in her 30's, worked with him for 5 years

-“I can’t understand why a guy that has sex 25 times a month on set would rape anybody ever.”

-“James doesn’t want to lose his whole career over a girl, so if we all just take a step back and try and put some common sense into play, this seems like some bitter girls lashing out publicly instead of doing it the right way. If you’re a real activist, a feminist, a believer, you would go to the appropriate groups.”

-thinks the accusations are just about “some bitter breakups" and that there may be consequences, "Defamation of character is a punishable act. So everyone out there running with this story should be a little fearful of the outcome for them”.