Happy Birthday: Britney Spears turns 34! Her year in review

Pop icon, Queen of Vegas, mother of 2, part time actress, peddler of bras and panties, Britney Jean Spears celebrates the big 34 today. In celebration lets take a look back at how she spent this past year including the highs and lows and everything in between.

Collaboration with Giorgio Moroder

Britney teamed up with the famed disco producer Giorgio Moroder on a track for his comeback album, remaking the Suzanne Vega classic, Tom's Dinner.

It received overwhelmingly positive praise from music critics making it one of Spears' best musical outputs in years.

Collaboration with Iggy Azalea: Pretty Girls

In what can only be describe as a low, Spears collaborated with rapper turned human meme, Iggy Azalea in what was a quickly forgotten Fancy knock off. The fans and general public were never here for the top 40 single.

It did however provide us with a cute outfit and performance at the Billboard music awards. Her first televised awards performance since 2011.

She made various appearances at awards ceremonies

Billboard Awards



Teen Choice Awards

Breakup with boyfriend #347679

In mid June she announced the breakup of her short lived eight month romance to aspiring tv producer Charlie Ebersol. The usual pr friendly reasons of busy schedules were given. The couple had been very publicly open on social media with their affections and even posed in People magazine together shortly before calling it quits. Sources close to Spears disclosed to US Weekly that they felt "he was in it for the wrong reasons."

She reached out to fans

Spears is often unfairly criticized within her own fanbase for being aloof or not caring enough so this move was surprisingly sweet from the busy pop star and mom of two. Over the past month Britney without much fan fair or press quietly started reaching out to a select number of fans with personalized hand written letters thanking them for their support. Below are two of the recipients so far:

Cute fan reaction

A condolence letter to a fan whose husband recently passed away

Cover Girl

She graced the cover of two magazines this year:

March Billboard magazine

April People Magazine

Jane the Virgin Appearance

Britney made a special guest appearance playing herself on the CW's Jane the Virgin. The episode garnered the show's higest ratings of the season so far.

She got Into the Zone in Vegas

Whether it was finally settling into her residency or a new found confidence Britney started performing with a noticeable enthusiasm and gusto at her Vegas shows this past year. To date the residency has grossed over 60 million and inspired other pop divas like Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez to run out and get residencies of their own.

Celebrity guests checking out her Vegas show

From Beyonce to Jay Z to La Diabla Blanca's better half, check out some of the notable celebs who went to see Britney's Vegas show this year:

The Carters

Calvin Harris

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sofia Vergara and Joe Manginello

Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger.

So what's in store for next year?

More Vegas. Her show was recently given another two year extension.
New music. She has been pictured hard at work throughout the year recording music for her tentative 9th studio album. With a rumored new single possibly being released as soon as the 1st quarter of 2016. Stay tuned.

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