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ONTD Original: Sagittarius Faves!

This post is a collaboration post between dangerbuffalo and yurasama_love.

are the ninth sign of the zodiac, usually falling from November 22nd to December 21st. They are described as restless, cheerful, and friendly with a love of freedom and a desire for activity.

Sagittarius Faves
While the people listed here are listed by number, THERE IS NO REAL NUMERICAL ORDER FROM BEST TO WORST OR WORST TO LEAST. These are just some people who are Sags who I think are pretty neat and whom pretty much everyone knows.
1. Bruce Lee, Nov. 27

The legend, the master! Bruce Lee was born in San Francisco in 1940, was a child actor in Hong Kong and acted in several martial arts films, such as Fists of Fury. He died at the age of 32 before the release of Enter the Dragon. On screen, Bruce Lee beat up Chuck Norris and Jackie Chan.
2. Britney Spears, Dec. 2

Capturing people’s hearts since the Mickey Mouse Club, Britney Spears is both loved and hated. Rocketing to fame with 1998’s …Baby One More Time, Britney climbed the charts until her well documented break in 2007. She started her comeback in 2008 and presently continues to work with her musical act in Las Vegas, but she is still under conservatorship.
3. Bill Nye, Nov. 27

No child of 90s America grew up without once hearing or shouting “BILL BILL BILL BILL” along with the “Bill Nye the Science Guy” theme song. He taught us science as children and continues to work to educate people on science, fighting against bigotry and ignorance. He’s written several children’s books on science, developed a hydraulic pressure resonance suppressor (used in Boeing 747s!), developed sundials used in the Mars Exploration Rover missions, and much more.
4. Don Cheadle, Nov 29

Look at him. He’s great. He plays James “Rhodey” Rhodes a.k.a War Machine and does it far better than Terrence “Baby Wipes” Howard could ever dream. He is a critically acclaimed actor and Academy Award Nominee and I need him to not be dead in Civil War, OK? Bias? What bias? I have no biases!
5. Jon Stewart, Nov. 28

Host of the The Daily Show for sixteen years, we let Jon Stewart into our homes and our hearts. Stewart went to battle with Fox hosts repeatedly and his political commentary influenced a generation. He is also an actor, best remembered by me in The Faculty and that one episode of The Nanny where he’s the Jewish doctor that Fran dates before they find out they’re cousins.
6. Jamie Lee Curtis, Nov. 22

That picture of her scolding a person and then angrily drinking from a glass is iconic! Daughter of Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, Jamie has carved out her own niche as a Scream Queen and has acted in several acclaimed films. She’s also married to actual British baron Christopher Guest.
7. Charles Schulz, Nov. 26

I had to include him because ‘tis the season for Charlie Brown specials. Born in 1922, Charles M. Schulz grew up during the Great Depression, fought in WWII, and achieved his dream of becoming a cartoonist. His best known work, Peanuts, was first published on Oct. 2, 1950 and has been in newspapers ever since.
8. Lucy Liu, Dec. 2

She first captured my heart and the hearts of many with that first hair flip in Charlie’s Angels back in 2000. Known best for her roles in Ally McBeal, Charlie’s Angels, and Kill Bill, she’s currently playing the role of Dr. Joan Watson, a race and gender bent version of Dr. John Watson in the Sherlock Holmes adaptation Elementary. She’s also an accomplished artist and welcomed a son this year.
9. Judi Dench, Dec. 9

Famed actress Judi Dench is probably best known to most of us here through her portrayal of M in the James Bond films. She has a long history on stage and in film and is halfway to an EGOT, having earned both an Oscar and a Tony award. She became a Dame Commander of the British Empire in 1988.
10. Janelle Monae, Dec. 1

Janelle Monae is the Sagittarians showstopper superstar that we NEED. She can sing, she can dance, and she backs it up with a social conscious message that both busts gender norms and racism. Janelle is a SUPERSTAR! And Sagittarians are lucky to have her under their sign!
BONUS. Nostradamus, Dec. 14/21?
OK, when I went to the Biography website and saw Nostradamus, how could I not include him here? While there is some debate on his actual birthday, let’s just call him a Sag and leave it at that. He was an astrologer and physician and is of Jewish descent, although his grandfather converted to Catholicism to avoid persecution. He treated patients suffering from the plague until he started moving towards the occult after his marriage in 1547. He would meditate and have visions and published his first book of prophecies in 1555, intending to write 10 volumes. Some people believe him, some people think he’s full of shit.

Honorable mentions: Gael Garcia Bernal, Sammy Davis, Jr., Louisa May Alcott, Michael Clarke Duncan, Janelle, Monae, L.M. Montgomery, Jane Austen, Mark Twain, Christina Applegate, XTINA, Jay Z, Jimi Hendrix, Julianne Moore, Ralph Fiennes, Jeff Bridges, Dick Van Dyke, Ada Lovelace, Dr. Clelia Duel Mosher, and so many more, there are some real great Sags out there.

Thanks everyone for your patience! And especially to yurasama_love, who really helped me out of a funk in getting this thing done. HBD to all our ONTD sags!

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