Gaga's 'Poker Face' goes diamond

Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" is now diamond! The Recording Industry of America today honored Gaga with a Diamond Award in recognition of the 2008 hit single surpassing the 10 million mark in sales and streams.

This is the second time Gaga has won the prestigious award. Her iconic single "Bad Romance" reached the rare milestone back in 2014, making her the first female artist to score a diamond single, an honour she now shares with fellow pop star Katy Perry, whose songs "Dark Horse" and "Firework" joined the diamond club last month.

"Poker Face" is the second single from Lady Gaga's debut album The Fame. Written by Gaga in collaboration with RedOne, the song is about bisexuality and fantasizing about women while with a man. Fun fact: In the second half of the post-chorus, Gaga replaced the words "poker face" with "f--k her face," and Kiss FM was the only station in the world to notice that and censor the lyric.

"It got played all over the world amidst tens of thousands of radio stations," Gaga revealed. "But Kiss FM is the only one that said I had to censor my lyric because they thought I might be saying something bad. Out of all the radio stations in the world that play this record over and over, Kiss FM is the only one that was right and caught on!"

Where were you when you first bopped to Poker Face ONTD?