Happy Thanksgiving: Tom Cruise Allegedly Hasn't Seen Daughter Suri in 800 Days

According to the Express, from a report in the National Enquirer:

  • Tom allegedly hasn't seen nine year old Suri in about twenty-six months, saying, "he doesn’t seem interested in being part of Suri's day-to-day life."

  • The NE speculates Tom hasn't seen his daughter because her mother, Katie Holmes, is considered a Suppressive Person, which is bad in Scientology and must be avoided (when asked in an interview about the topic, former Scientologist Leah Remini said Katie would probably be the reason Tom would be told to decrease contact from Suri).

  • It's also noted Tom has been filming back to back films since Katie filed for divorce (Oblivion, Edge of Tomorrow, Mission Impossible 5, Mena, Jack Reacher 2, and will shoot MI 6, Bob the Musical and Luna Park in 2016), and Tom is a known workaholic...which a child surely understands that daddy's gotta work.

  • However, it should be noted that, while Tom's reps didn't respond for comment even though they debunked The Mummy casting rumors mere minutes after the report came out, his reps have previously stated Tom does visit Suri privately and keeps in touch with her daily through phone calls and Skype. So the NE could be full of shit. But Katie "sources" previously told TMZ "nah."

Free Tom from Scientology 2016

In happier news, Katie recently shared a pic of Suri on her instagram, with some fans commenting on how much Suri looks like Tom.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Is your dad worth 400 million?

Source: The National Enquirer