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Idris Elba tells you how to take siege in Rainbow Six Siege

After a cancellation and a very long wait, the Rainbow Six franchise will finally release the next game in the series, Rainbow Six Siege. Idris Elba takes you through the tactical approach that's necessary and needed to get the job done.

Also, Ubisoft decided to let you in on an open beta from November 25 to November 29, so if you've got the Xbox One, PS4, or a good gaming PC, get on it. If you don't want to contribute to Ubisoft possibly having the best selling FPS this year, don't buy it on December 1st. If you're just up for some good FPS fun that doesn't start with Call of Duty, by all means, get crazy.

Sorry if this doesn't work for ONTDers outside of the U.S.:

Source Rainbow 6 YouTube video

Mods, I checks the tags but didn't see this posted up in either one. Also, I wanted a reason to talk about video games.
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