critics savaging max landis' "victor frankenstein" + max landis responds

- There’s something alarming in ‘Victor Frankenstein’ but it isn’t the reanimated bits of corpse that make up a monster. It’s James McAvoy‘s acting: It’s like he’s been locked in a castle with a lot of bad Nicolas Cage movies. (new york post)
- It’s alive!’ James McAvoy‘s title monster maker cries in ‘Victor Frankenstein’ — but the film is DOA. This beastly bucket of swill co-stars Daniel Radcliffe as Frankenstein’s dutiful assistant Igor, who is given a romantic subplot involving Jessica Brown Findlay in the misbegotten script by Max Landis (‘Chronicle’). Paul McGuigan directs, but apparently without a clue as to what kind of story he’s trying to tell. (toronto star).

max landis wants you to judge him on his comics and his first drafts apparently!Collapse )
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ONTD, how fast do you think Max Landis will complain on Twitter?will you judge him by the content of his web features, comics, and his first drafts?