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critics savaging max landis' "victor frankenstein" + max landis responds

- There’s something alarming in ‘Victor Frankenstein’ but it isn’t the reanimated bits of corpse that make up a monster. It’s James McAvoy‘s acting: It’s like he’s been locked in a castle with a lot of bad Nicolas Cage movies. (new york post)
- It’s alive!’ James McAvoy‘s title monster maker cries in ‘Victor Frankenstein’ — but the film is DOA. This beastly bucket of swill co-stars Daniel Radcliffe as Frankenstein’s dutiful assistant Igor, who is given a romantic subplot involving Jessica Brown Findlay in the misbegotten script by Max Landis (‘Chronicle’). Paul McGuigan directs, but apparently without a clue as to what kind of story he’s trying to tell. (toronto star).

SOURCE, SOURCE, thanks to jocoin1989

ONTD, how fast do you think Max Landis will complain on Twitter?will you judge him by the content of his web features, comics, and his first drafts?
Tags: daniel radcliffe, james mcavoy, review

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