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JaQuel Knight on Tinashe: "Beyoncé is the only other person like that! Their work ethic is similar."

- JaQuel Knight, Tinashe’s choreographer, says: “She’s a chameleon, she can become whatever she needs to be. She’s not afraid to get in there and dance all day. There’s no diva behaviour. She’s always asking, ‘How can I do this better?’”

- He compares her to his most famous client. “You know, Beyoncé is the only other person like that! Their work ethic is so similar.”

- About being starstruck on working with Max Martin and Dr. Luke: “In a way, yeah, because you know they’ve done so many amazing things, but I’m not easily intimidated. With them, it was the opportunity to be like, ‘This is when I make my number one.’

- Her stylist, Joshua Nixon, says the most important thing to Tinashe is "keeping it real": “The idea of pop stars having the most studs, the most glitter and the most contouring, it’s like: subtract all of that and do the opposite. Just be yourself and you’re going to stand out.”

- About commercial success being important for her: “Yes, but not in a super-literal way. I don’t really care about making a lot of money, but I care about being the most successful. I don’t necessarily consider dollar signs the most successful. You shouldn’t get into the music business because you’re trying to get rich – there are so many career goals that are way easier, way less work, way less stress, and you’ll make way more money.

- She says she is nostalgic for a time when performers could dance as well as they could sing: “Growing up, that performance element was half the reason I loved music! Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Britney... I loved watching videos and learning the choreography. I want little girls to see my video and say, ‘Oh my God, I wanna learn those steps!’ All their friends would have a sleepover and try to figure out the routine, like I used to!”

- About producing, she says: “My ultimate aspiration isn’t to be the next Timbaland. I originally (produced) out of necessity – now it’s more a fun outlet to put some shit out there without the drama, a way through the politics of it all.”

- We get the name of two new tracks she made almost by herself: “Soul Glitch” (co produced) and “Coldish” (main composer, sound engineering, mixing, etc).

- About her off-the-grid life: “People don’t know how un-Hollywood it really is”. She’ll be “in a t-shirt watching the Kardashians” and eating her dad’s home-cooked macaroni – just another 20-something homebody kicking back with her family. But then she’ll check Instagram and see 34,000 notifications. “If I’m not online for a minute, they’re like, ‘Where have you been? I miss you so much!’”

Read the rest of her super cute interview + pictures @ Dazed's site.

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She's so cuuute. Too bad ONTD doesn't read.

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